Biden Looks to Woo Back Allies as Putin, Xi Skip G-20 Summit

Biden Looks to Woo Back Allies as Putin, Xi Skip G-20 Summit

At this week’s G-20 summit in New Delhi, President Joe Biden hopes to take advantage of the absence of two significant rivals to forge new ties with nations that China and Russia have previously courted.

This year’s summit was skipped by both China President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin, providing Biden with an opportunity to reinstate the US as the global superpower.

He will travel to countries keen for stronger connections with China and unwilling to take sides following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, including Brazil, South Africa, Indonesia, and the host country, India.

The White House announced Tuesday that President Joe Biden is traveling to India for the G20 summit with big plans and high hopes that the Group of 20.

Leading rich and developing countries can cooperate on important global issues. This came amid concerns for his health after first lady Jill Biden tested positive for COVID-19 the day before.

Biden Looks to Woo Back Allies as Putin

Karine Jean-Pierre, the press secretary for the White House, stated that Biden “had no symptoms” and that he also tested negative on Tuesday morning.

Biden will undergo further testing as directed by his physician. When asked what would happen if he tested positive before leaving for New Delhi on Thursday, she remained mum.

The government will be focusing on topics like climate change, debt restructuring, and the war in Ukraine, according to national security adviser Jake Sullivan. In the Indian capital, the meeting will begin on Saturday.

The G20 summit, according to Sullivan, “hopes to demonstrate that the world’s main economies can cooperate even in trying circumstances.”

“So as we travel into New Delhi, our focus will be on delivering for developing nations, making progress on major objectives for the American people.

From climate to technology, and showing our commitment to the G20 as a venue that can truly, as I said before, deliver,” the American delegation stated.

The absence of two important leaders, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to analysts.

Will affect proceedings, particularly in relation to the largest problem facing the host, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

According to professor John Kirton.

Head of the G20 Research Group at the University of Toronto, “the great drama of this summit in Delhi is whether or not the countries can get a fully consensus communique.

As they did last year at the last (summit) in Bali, which included paragraphs in which Russia agreed. As the communique said, that it had committed aggression in Ukraine. He used Zoom to talk to VOA.

“We’ll have to wait and watch if Mr. Modi can get a full Biden Looks to Woo Back Allies as Putin consensus communiqué. The way Indonesian President Joko Widodo accomplished it last year.

Putin’s decision to avoid the summit once more, like he did in Bali the year before. In my opinion, positive news.

Biden Looks to Woo Back Allies as Putin

Also, it appears that Chinese President Xi Jinping might not attend. All of the other nations will find it much simpler to act as a result.”

According to Stephanie Segal, a senior scholar in the economics program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

“Geopolitical concerns were definitely present well before India’s G20 year.” “It is not ideal that they are raised and that there is a focus. On them before this leaders’ conference.

Again, given that this meeting is focused on economic matters. My hope and expectation is that they will be able to classify the border dispute as a distinct issue.”

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