ANZ Customer Advocate helps to resolve pain points for customers

ANZ Customer Advocate helps to resolve pain points for customers

Ana Nagatalevu, an ANZ customer advocate who has been assisting with pain points and promoting better results for ANZ customers since 1979, says her position as ANZ Fiji’s customer advocate will focus on swiftly and impartially resolving complaints for clients.

In response to concerns from consumers whose cards were being captured in ATMs after they entered the wrong PIN or took too long to remove them.

According to Nagatalevu, ANZ has established a new procedure that allows users to obtain temporary replacement cards from any ANZ location.

ANZ Customer Advocate

She claims that the complaints have stopped thanks to a straightforward fix. The customer advocate claims that the issues that come across her desk have often gone. Through the bank’s internal complaints process and have not resulted in an acceptable resolution.

Nagatalevu goes on to state that she is passionate about standing up for clients. Which entails looking into the sources of complaints and then giving suggestions for how ANZ these problems might be resolved.

In the meantime, Nagatalevu is a huge benefit to their business, according to Rabih Yazbek. Country Head of ANZ Fiji, and having an impartial Customer Advocate helps ANZ. Stand out in how they handle customer concerns, swiftly and objectively.

In order to facilitate and promote fair consumer outcomes, the Customer Advocate’s responsibility is to speak up for our customers.

The Consumer Advocate is dedicated to upholding the following Banking Code of Practice standards:

  • Gaining and maintaining the confidence of our clients and the neighborhood
  • Establishing and maintaining promises to provide positive experiences for customers and the community
  • establishing and maintaining a society based on solid moral principles
  • Meg Dalling, ANZ’s customer advocate, serves our retail and small business customers. In a variety of ways with the help of her team.
  • Promoting more equitable resolutions to disputes with an emphasis on delicate and complex instances, such as those involving consumers in precarious situations
  • Reviewing major client themes to find opportunities to improve the bank’s systems, services, products, and procedures
  • Utilizing data and perspectives, including those requested from the community, to promote better decision-making and fairer outcomes for consumers.

The customer advocate regularly meets with neighborhood.

Organizations and actively engages in business forums to make sure our strategy is based on real-world experience and best practices.

The team is in charge of directing ANZ’s strategic approach to customer vulnerability. Which focuses on improving our support for clients who have been victims of family violence and financial abuse.

Helping Native American clients, particularly those who live in remote communities. Promoting inclusive banking for all clients, including through ANZ’s Accessibility and Inclusion Plan.

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