Al Pacino’s Girlfriend Noor Alfallah Files for Physical Custody of Their Baby Roman: Reports

Al Pacino’s Girlfriend Noor Alfallah Files for Physical Custody of Their Baby Roman: Reports

According to numerous reports, Al Pacino’s partner Noor Alfallah has requested physical custody of their kid Roman.

According to court documents acquired by The Blast, Alfallah, 29, asks Pacino, 83, to have “reasonable visitation” with their infant, who is three months old.

Alfallah, a producer with a degree from the University of Southern California’s Cinematic School of Arts, is said to have also asked.

The Academy Oscar winner for shared legal custody, allowing him to take part in important choices regarding their child, such as its education and medical care.

According to The Blast, the initial application did not Al Pacino’s Girlfriend Noor Alfallah Files include a specific sum for child support; but, under California law, the income of each parent must be determined before determining whether child support should be pay.

Al Pacino’s Girlfriend Noor Alfallah Files

The House of Gucci star is apparently being ask by Alfallah to cover her legal bills and any other charges related to the issue.

Six days prior to Roman’s birth, both parties reportedly completed a Voluntary Declaration of Parentage (or Paternity).

A VDOP, which is “typically sign at the hospital Al Pacino’s Girlfriend Noor Alfallah Files when a kid is born, but it can be done later,” is a “government form two parents can sign.

To create a legal parent-child relationship between a child and parent,” according to California Courts. Pacino and a third-party witness both signed the contract.

According to a source who spoke to PEOPLE on Wednesday, Pacino and Alfallah were seen dining with another couple.

At Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles.

According to the insider, the couple went out to supper together and arrived together. Pacino and Alfallah have been connect since April 2022.

When they were spotte out to dinner together, the duo initially fuel romance speculations. Page Six was inform by numerous sources last year that the couple been secretly dating ever since the outbreak.

The Godfather actor’s representative informed Al Pacino’s PEOPLE that the couple was expecting their first child together in May. This will be the actor’s fourth child overall and Alfallah’s first.

Daughter Julie Marie, 33, was born to the New York native and his ex-girlfriend, acting coach Jan Tarrant, moreover.

He and ex-girlfriend Beverly D’Angelo, who he dated from 1997 to 2003, share 22-year-old twins Anton and Olivia.

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