8 Girls Tap Their Shoes And Land Spot In Ed Sheeran’s Video With Flawless Routine

8 Girls Tap Their Shoes And Land Spot

Around the beginning of the year, Ed Sheeran made an announcement that was really intriguing. In addition to being brilliant, the Irish dancers he was seeking should also be deserving of being in a music video. The Irish dancing group Fusion Fighters steps in to help with it.

After learning about the chance, Chris Naish, the founder of that dance business, wanted to spread the news and see what would happen.

It didn’t take long before amazing films of Irish dancers from all around the world started to surface. Soon after the hashtag #STEP4SHEERAN was created, people started sending dancing videos to it, and the Internet went berserk.

There were other options, but one specific group really stood out.

The Hession Academy of Irish Dancing in Galway sent in a video as soon as they learned about the possibility. The group goes by the name “Ed’s Galway Ladies,” and you must watch the video. They were initially arranged in a V shape and appeared to be at ease, but then something strange happened.

They got going as soon as the music began. They began tapping their feet in a style that reminded many of Riverdance.

Although it is incredibly challenging to master this kind of dance, we must admit that these girls are absolutely in tune with one another. They made it seem simple, and once it was circulate online, everyone adored it.

8 Girls Tap Their Shoes And Land Spot

They had a great dancing routine, everyone thought. Even Ed was able to watch their film, which had received over 8 million views.

The girls ultimately received the call and learned they would appear in his upcoming video. They brought copies of The Rolling Stone magazine, which featured him on the cover since they were so thrilled about the potential. They merely desired his autograph.

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8 Girls Tap Their Shoes And Land Spot

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Toward the start of this current year, Ed Sheeran report that he was looking for skilled Irish artists to be highlighted in his next music video. When Fusion Fighters founder Chris Naish heard the news, he made the decision to use his platform to spread the dance call to all of Ireland’s best dancers.

Videos from Inspire More Chris

was flood with videos of Irish dancers from all over the world in a flash. The trending hashtag

One of the recordings came from the Hession School of Irish Dance in Galway. The eight young ladies referred to themselves as “Ed’s Galway Young ladies.” In their matching ensemble of black tops, pants, and tap shoes, the eight girls begin their video in a v-formation and appear totally at ease.

Notwithstanding, when the music begins, they get it going! The girls’ tap dancing at the beginning is so flawless that it could easily compete with the 1990s Riverdance group.

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