Tesla Reassures Chinese Users on data security amid spying concerns

Tesla reassures Chinese users

Relations between America and the Chinese government are not easy. We determine that Apple sees itself in a difficult situation because Tesla reassures Chinese users when trying to win the large smartphone market in China, the world’s largest. The machine is possible if Beijing and Western politicians are often legal in terms of data processing.

At present, Tesla is electric in China, and he sees himself with the same problem. The latest updates and new bills from other foreign laws make it look like workers are more at risk of working in the country, which makes national safety the most important concern.

Car workers have been present in China for decades, but the internet has introduced a data process that does not apply to traditional traditions. Tesla has entered the database data into the country.

In the last test, the airport was still accepted in the Tesla Tesla construction area, “While safe workers have asked reporters and” many places of similar rules. “

The prophecy was said in Tesla’s response: “.” The characters used to use suspicious cameras to identify suspicious activities when the car was allowed to rest and steal. No other similar problems exist, and electricity and foreign identity ensure variety.

Responding to Tesla’s attention and attention online.

Based on Chinese testa, to be used in system settings, cameras will start logging when threatened, and take USB poles. The user “will check and comply with the law and useful rules about cameras, and accept sufficient responsibilities,” reads the website.

This is not the first time Tesla’s car rule has been limited to public events. And in May 2021, Reuters reported that several governments had moved to China and blocked the Tesca car room.

At the KSLA Post, Tesla reminded the public to be established in Chinese secrets, “Say” will be saved “when it affects” the Chinese war, government, traffic, and paying car electricity “. Information about information around the area makes it easier to enter one of the steps.

Apple is among the American members with an important presence in China.

Tesla, the company, tried to solve privacy problems in this country, but the challenges were proven to ensure complicated appends development.

Tesla will face data that is immediately after the date that helps you drive for Chinese workers. Don’t have a few months to think about China in China in China. On the one hand, the company sends data to his country, which others, may support international entrepreneurs and profilin algorithms for guidance training.

Tesla said it has set up a new office in China to store local employee data as the company faces intense scrutiny over whether its cars there can be used for research.

The electric car maker said on Tuesday it had launched a new data center in China and planned to “add more” to the country in the future. This follows a recent commitment to store any data it collects about cars sold in China.

“Security of car data is very important,” the driver said in a post on Weibo, China’s Twitter platform. “Tesla will make every effort to ensure data security.”

Tesla reassures Chinese users on data security amid Spying concerns now

The Gigafactory pictured in this aerial photo was taken in Shanghai, China, on Friday, December 25, 2020. Tesla is nearing the end of its first year selling cars made in China that have the legal standing of being the world’s largest electric car. market, but Elon Musk must not be complacent. Photographer: Qilai Shen/Bloomberg via Getty Images
The weak Tesla market in China worries investors

Last year, China’s military banned Tesla cars from entering its territory, citing concerns about the cameras installed in them, according to Reuters and Bloomberg.

The Wall Street Journal also reported in March that the government was barring “military personnel. And employees of key government agencies” from driving US vehicles. “citing concerns that data collected by vehicles could be a source of national security.”

The company cites anonymous sources.

Last week, Reuters reported, citing unnamed sources. Employees at several Chinese government agencies were tell not to park their Tesla. Cars in state parks due to safety concerns. Asked about the matter, Zhao Lijian, a spokesman for China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Said in a press conference last week that he was “not aware of the situation.”

Tesla reassures Chinese users on data security amid Spying concerns

The ministry did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Wednesday regarding safety concerns regarding Tesla.

Video shows Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Inc., speaking during the China Development. Forum 2021 at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing, China, March 20, 2021. The China Development Forum 2021 was program in Beijing from March 20 to 22, 2021, with the theme . China On a New Journey of Modernization’.
China Development Conference 2021 in Beijing – March 20, 2021

And China is catching up with the technology industry. Tesla tries to get out of the way
But CEO Elon Musk has been trying to reassure China’s leaders over the past few months. Appearing before the government and venting insults in local media.

“There is a strong urge for us to shut ourselves off from any information,” the billionaire said in March at the China Development Forum, a conference organized by a state government department. “If Tesla uses a spy car in China or anywhere else, we will shut down.”

It’s a tough time

Tesla faced a rocky road recently in China, the world’s biggest auto market.

In February, industry insiders asked the company to discuss the quality of its cars made in Shanghai. Where it has a thriving Gigafactory that manufactures the Model 3 and Model Y.

Authorities said they were concerned about a number of problems with the vehicle, including “improper driving” and “battery fire”.

The company also faced criticism from direct consumers. In February, it was force to apologize after a video showed one of its employees in the city of Nanchang. China telling a customer that overloading the country’s power grid could. Cause problems in his electric car when he cleans it.

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