Galaxy Watch 6 and 6 Classic Review: Small Updates, Big Screens

Galaxy Watch 6 and 6 Classic Review

The Galaxy Watch 6 proves that what is old can be made new again. Samsung has brought back the fan-favorite bezels on the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic, while the regular Galaxy Watch 6 is an incremental upgrade from last year’s model. These Android smartwatches aren’t flashy, but they do pretty much everything you need them to do.

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I’ve been wearing both versions for a week, tracking everything from exercise to sleep. Inside, it’s pretty much the same watch, with the same internal specs, sensors, and size options. I tested small versions of both: the 40mm Watch 6 and the 43mm Classic. (My wrist is 152 mm.) You can see the fit in the video on this page.

Galaxy Watch 6 and 6 Classic Review: Small Updates, Big Screens

Materials: The Galaxy Watch 6 has an aluminum housing, while the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic is made of stainless steel
Rotating bezel: only on Galaxy Watch 6 Classic. The Galaxy Watch 6 has a touchscreen bezel around the screen
Price: Starting at $300 for the 40mm Galaxy Watch 6 or $330 for the 44mm. The Galaxy Watch 6 Classic is priced at $400 for the 43mm and $430 for the 47mm.
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The two sensors are the same as those on the Galaxy Watch 5: heart rate, body composition, and skin temperature. Both the Watch 6 and 6 Classic have LTE options to keep you connected when you’re away from your phone. They cost $50 more than the base price, and you may have to pay an additional fee to the wireless carrier to have your watch serviced.

So what’s the difference from last year?

Galaxy Watch 6 pre-order offer
You can see more with a better, brighter display
Galaxy Watch 4 Classic vs. 6 Classics
Galaxy Watch 4 Classic (left) vs. 6 Classic (right) in a smaller size.
John Kim/CNET
It seems like a small upgrade on paper, but the larger 1.3-inch and 1.5-inch screens make a big difference to the overall experience. If I compare the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic directly to the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic (the last Samsung watch to have a bezel), the difference in the display that can be used is day and night.

The screen is twice as bright as the Galaxy Watch 5 and Pro and reaches a maximum of 2000 nits. I can see them much more easily in sunlight. The always-on display is also brighter.

The Galaxy Watch 6 Classic face makes watch fun again
I love that Samsung listened to the feedback and brought back the rotating bezel. Not only does it make navigation more enjoyable, it’s also a handy way to control your watch when you’re wearing gloves or your fingers are sweaty or wet.

The bezels are also thinner than the version last seen on the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. But he didn’t do anything new, and he should never have left. The standard Galaxy Watch 6 has a touchscreen around the edges of the screen. Move your finger to achieve the same effect as a physical faceplate.

Galaxy Watch 6 face

The front of the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic.
James Martin/CNET

I wonder what Samsung will do with its next Pro watch. My guess is that the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro may have a thinner rotating bezel around the raised watch face. Samsung is now making a slimmer version, I hope we’ll see that on the Galaxy Watch 6 Pro.

One design benefit I wasn’t expecting is the new one-click watchband design. No more fiddling with spring pin switches! The new bands are forward and backward-compatible, and I appreciate that they sit closer to the watch bezel. The Classic hybrid leather strap is super comfortable for all-day wear.

Galaxy Watch 6 battery life: Only slightly better than Watch 5
Samsung has been more conservative with battery life estimates this year, claiming the Galaxy Watch 6 should last up to 30 hours with the screen always on, or 40 hours with the screen off. This is true for both watch sizes, although the larger case has a larger 425mAh battery capacity compared to the smaller version’s 300mAh battery.

I can’t reach those numbers. I got it by always being active, a few phone notifications, a 30-minute workout with GPS and

This update reminds me of Vincent Adultman from Bojack Horseman. You get lots of small updates that add up to one big update unless something goes wrong. It’s like three children standing under one coat and pretending to be adults. I know it’s not the same watch as last year or years before. However… we have the same 40mm and 44mm for the base of the Galaxy Watch 6 in familiar colors like black, silver and gold. The Classic is slightly bigger at 43mm and 47mm, but less flashy, and still available in silver and black. In terms of materials, the base model is still aluminum, while the Classic is still stainless steel.

Galaxy Watch 6 and 6 Classic Review: Small Updates, Big Screens

Visually, the thinner bezel is the most striking. If you just look at the regular Galaxy Watch 6, it’s hard to tell the difference. It wasn’t until I turned on the Watch 5 and looked at it side by side that I really appreciated it. Because the bezels are 30 percent thinner and the screen is larger, you get the pure optical illusion that the Watch 6 is significantly larger than the Watch 5, even though they share the same 40 and 44mm bodies.

On the Classic, the rotating bezel itself is 15 percent thinner, giving the Classic a slimmer feel despite its larger size. The feeling is stronger than the 47mm version, which helps to soften the fact that this is Samsung’s biggest smartwatch. At first, I was shy about it, but I was surprised that I resembled him so much. (Samsung has done this before: last year’s Watch 5 Pro was great for a great watch, too.) It doesn’t catch on my clothes, the weight doesn’t bother me when I’m running, and it’s comfortable to wear to sleep. . Still, it’s heavier than the regular Galaxy Watch 6, because it uses stainless steel instead of aluminum.

love from the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic.

However, I’m glad that Samsung managed to fit a large screen and battery into this watch without turning it into a hockey-sized behemoth. I feel like I have to choose between greater screen legibility and convenience – and I don’t have to do that here.

Samsung’s newest smartwatch is finally here, and like last year’s lineup, the Galaxy Watch 6 series spans two models. The Galaxy Watch 6 is available in 40mm and 44mm variants, while the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic comes in 43mm and 47mm sizes. Both models are available with or without cellular connectivity and start at $300 for the Galaxy Watch 6 and $400 for the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic. The latter has better housing and a few other features, but is it worth the $100 premium? That’s exactly what we’re going to help you find out. Read on to see if you should spend more on the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic or if the regular Galaxy Watch 6 is better for you.


Galaxy Watch 6 is gray with no background
Samsung Galaxy Watch 6
$300 at Samsung
The nominal 18 background has been removed
Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic
$400 at Samsung
Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 vs Watch 6 Classic: Price and availability
You can pre-order the Galaxy Watch 6 and Watch 6 Classic from Samsung’s website and your favorite US carriers starting July 26 or buy them during their first sale on August 11. If you go for the base model, you’ll be pulling in $300. for the 40mm model or $330 for the larger 44mm model. The Galaxy Watch 6 Classic models are more expensive, starting at $400 for the 43mm model and $430 for the 47mm model.

If you pre-order the smartwatch before August 11 through Samsung’s website, the company will give away a free strap and give you up to $250 cash back with a qualifying trade-in. Or, you can check out our best-selling Galaxy Watch 6 collection to pick up a smartwatch from a retailer or carrier and save money on your purchase.

Galaxy Watch 6 and 6 Classic Review: Small Updates, Big Screens

Note that the prices stated above are for the Bluetooth version only, and you will pay more if you want the mobile version. However, we do not currently have full pricing details for this variant of the phone. Check back some time for full pricing details for the Galaxy Watch 6 and Watch 6 Classic phones.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 vs Watch 6 Classic: better design and construction
While Samsung’s new smartwatch may look like the older model at first glance, Samsung has made some changes on the design front. The Galaxy Watch 6 and Watch 6 Classic have 20% larger screens and 30% slimmer bezels compared to last year’s models.

love from the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic.

Also, the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic brings back the flexible bezel that you love from the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. However, it’s 15% thinner and gives the watch an elegant look similar to the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, even though the latter doesn’t have a rotating bezel.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 series

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 (left) vs. Galaxy Watch 6 Classic (right)
In terms of build, the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic is the best. It has polished stainless steel and comes in an eco-leather hybrid, while the regular Galaxy Watch 6 has an aluminum case and ships with a silicone strap. However, both watches have Sapphire Crystal class on their screens to prevent scratches during daily use. You also get IP68 dust and water resistance, as well as a MIL-STD-810H rating, on both models.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 vs Watch 6 Classic: details
While Samsung’s new smartwatches are no different in terms of design, the Galaxy Watch 6 and Watch 6 Classic have some noteworthy improvements. The new Exynos W930 chip is the most significant upgrade and will provide a dramatic performance increase compared to the Exynos W920 chip in the Galaxy Watch 5 series. The new models also have 2GB of RAM, a 20% larger screen, and 2000nits max brightness, and a bigger battery for better performance, visibility, and endurance.

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