Triple Eight: Van Gisbergen still a contracted driver

Triple Eight: Van Gisbergen still a contracted driver

Will Brown left Erebus and Triple Eight Race Engineering Van Gisbergen still a contracted driver responded by saying Shane van Gisbergen is still under contract with the team.

Brown will depart the Coca-Cola-sponsored team at the end of 2023 to “explore new opportunities,” according to a statement issued by Erebus on Friday.

It follows earlier this week’s speculation that suggested Brown would join Triple Eight to take Shane van Gisbergen’s place as he prepares to switch to NASCAR.

Van Gisbergen, a three-time Supercars champion, declared at the most recent race in Sydney that he planned to pursue a move to the United States in 2024.

For 2024, Van Gisbergen and Brown had contracts with Triple Eight and Erebus, respectively.

Shane is a contracted driver with Triple Eight until told otherwise, according to a statement released by Triple Eight in response to the Erebus announcement.

“The team will let you know if this changes. We won’t be adding any further commentary.

Last year, Brown and Brodie Kostecki agreed to a two-year contract extension with Erebus that would last through the end of 2024.

In July, Van Gisbergen made his NASCAR debut by winning.

Van Gisbergen still a contracted driver signed a new contract with Triple Eight earlier this year, which was later announced to last through the end of 2024 with an option for 2025.

Van Gisbergen said “yes” when asked if his next full-time goal was to compete in NASCAR after winning the Sydney race on Sunday.

I’m not sure if I’ll be working full-time, he continued. There is certainly a lot going on behind the scenes, but this team is not the reason I’m leaving.

“I adore this squad, and when I leave, I want to be confident that there will be someone here to take my place who will drive well.

“You don’t want to abandon the squad empty-handed and trying to find a replacement.

“A lot of the talented drivers in this area have committed, so sure, I want to leave the organization in a strong position. Hopefully, someone will join the team shortly.

Van Gisbergen continued, “My priority is… Triple Eight, wanting to get them to have a replacement they’re happy with,” as he spoke with the media ahead of this weekend’s NASCAR action.

“I’ll be pleased to leave as long as they are satisfied with the person who will take my position. To work on something, I’m attempting to bring it over here.

“I’m aware that there is a small list of candidates; I believe there are three or four men on it. I’d be happy to have any of them take my place.

“I’m hoping one of them turns up sooner or later so we can get to work on it.

I still enjoy being a member of that team.

We had a strong run in the previous round, and we’re still competing fiercely for the title this year.

At the OTR SuperSprint the following weekend, Van Gisbergen still a contracted driver will resume his pursuit of the 2023 Supercars championship.

Because of his displeasure with the new Gen3 vehicles, the future of the three-time Supercars has been a hot topic for some time.

Van Gisbergen still a contracted driver miraculous triumph in his NASCAR debut in Chicago last weekend as part of the Project91 program has now intensified rumors of a move to the US.

Van Gisbergen now has a deal with Triple Eight that runs until the 2024 Supercars season. After that, he is free to look for a job outside of the Australian championship.

However, T8 managing director Jamie Whincup today said that the team won’t obstruct Van Gisbergen still a contracted driver if a NASCAR offer is made for the upcoming season.

Whincup stated to Fox Sports that “He’s only contractually obligated to us for next year. However, as I sit here trying to run the company as efficiently as I can, I obviously need the best drivers.

However, if any driver, engineer, or employee came to me and said, “Hey, my dream is to go to the other side of the world and do something else,” I wouldn’t be able to stop them, would I?

“We’ll see. I want to provide possibilities for all of my employees.

SVG is undoubtedly experiencing a wave right now. We’re racing at Townsville this weekend for round 6 of our [Supercars] series, so let’s concentrate on that first. I need him to tune in.

But there’s no doubt that in the coming month or two, we’ll have some conversations and figure out what he wants to do. Whatever he chooses to do, he has my full support, and we will do everything we can to help him.

Van Gisbergen still a contracted driver could now opt out of his contract early, Whincup said in response to the question. “I certainly wouldn’t stand in his way, no. Of course, there are contractual issues we need to resolve, but if someone truly wants to do something else, I won’t stand in his way, that much is certain.

Recent months have seen a lot of conjecture about the three-time Supercars champion’s future.

He signed a deal earlier this year with his Triple Eight team that was advertised as a multi-year renewal, but the driver later clarified that it was merely a one-year agreement that covered 2024.

Given his blatant disdain for the new Gen3 automobiles, even his continued employment in 2019 has been the topic of rumors.

The Kiwi is currently in the US as part of the Trackhouse Project91 program for his NASCAR debut in Chicago.

He has expressed a desire to compete in an oval race in NASCAR ever since moving to the United States, and he has now openly acknowledged that a full-time switch is not out of the question.

Van Gisbergen says that the draw stems from both the most recent NASCAR equipment. The vast volume of events compared to the sparse 12-round Supercars season.

Van Gisbergen still a contracted driver.

He told Australian journalists on Friday morning, “I guess Supercars isn’t that fun at the moment.

“[I’m] starting to think about other things and look about, and I’m not really enjoying it as much.

But I have a lot of motivation for Supercars. Like, I’m still making a lot of effort and exerting all of my effort. It’s difficult. As a result of this year’s increased NASCAR viewing, the [Trackhouse] opportunity has caught my attention.

“Like, road courses are everywhere. Compared to two seasons ago, the cars are now quite identical. You couldn’t simply hop into them. You would need to have worked in trucks or Xfinity for a few years before moving up the ladder like Marcus (Ambrose) did.

“It seems attractive. They’re practicing more road courses and different variations, and they’re observing this week’s routine: competing. Taking a day off, debriefing for the following week, then preparing for the following race and traveling.

“I find the weekend racing schedule to be quite appealing. Even though the year is now halfway over, we have only competed in five Supercars events. Thus, the draw for me to simply go test it out and race every week is this.

Van Gisbergen stated that he will finish out his contract with Triple Eight the next year. Denied that he is now in active discussions regarding a full-time transfer.

“Any driver in the globe can relate to these cars much more.

This week, he said, he would “just try to take it all in and enjoy myself really,”. Opening his eyes and ears to everything.

“I don’t put any pressure on myself for the outcome, and I am confident in my preparation. If it’s enjoyable, I might consider it in the future.

“I’m definitely devoted to Supercars for this year and the following. If anything happens [in 2025], I might definitely entertain it.

His passion is only in NASCAR, though, and he is not interested in working full-time for bitter Kiwi rival Scott McLaughlin’s IndyCar team.

“The oval stuff doesn’t really excite me much in those cars, not like NASCAR does,” he claimed.

“NASCAR seems like a lot of fun and something I’d really jump onto. In contrast, IndyCar would require some thought.

“My career driving style has changed drastically. I would have to use my other foot to break. It is a drastic change from what I now do.

The NASCAR-related changes are significant, but not as significant.

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