This is the date when the iPhone 15 line will go on sale says a well-connected journalist

This is the date when the iPhone 15 line will go on sale

If you’re waiting, for Apple to unveil the iPhone 15 series, and iPhone 15 line go on sale says its 2023 smartphones, we now know when those events might take.

place due to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who suggested certain dates in this weekend’s Power On email. According to Gurman, he has been informed to anticipate.

Apple launching the newest iPhone on September 12 or 13 and going on sale on September 22. Pre-orders might start on September 15 if historical data is used to forecast future events.
According to the folks at 9to5Mac, this year’s launch will also take place on a Wednesday. Multiple sources have informed them that cell carriers have requested their.

staff members to stay in the office on September 13 in anticipation of a significant smartphone announcement.

  • It’s simple to make the connection that the iPhone 15 announcement. Event will take place in September because, that when Apple releases its phones.

If that’s the case, pre-orders, for the iPhone 15 will probably start on Friday.September 15, and the devices won’t go on sale until September 22.

This indicates that compared to when the iPhone 14 series ,was released the release will be postponed by about a week.

According to one rumor the new display technology, Apple is adopting to reduce the bezels on the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max. Could initially result in a shortage but those issues seem to have been resol .

The largest upgrad in three years, may be seen in the iPhone 15 series. The USB-C port is anticipate to be support by the complete lineup.

Better cameras, a new 3nm CPU a titanium body. And extremely thin bezels,all be found in Pro model . The 48MP camera Dynamic Island, and A16 Bionic chip seen in the iPhone 14 Pro could be add to the ordinary models.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max is also very likely to include a brand-new telephoto periscope camera, which could elevate it to the top of 2023’s smartphone camera rankings.

According to well-connect Bloomberg analyst Mark Gurman this year is likely to follow the same pattern as past years, and Apple is anticipate to reveal.

its new iPhone 15 lineup on either Tuesday, September 12, or Wednesday, September 13. According to one story, several carrier partners have forbidden .

Workers from taking Wednesday, September 13, off work in order to prepare for a “major smartphone announcement.”

Given that pre-order and launch days are the busiest for carriers, it is unclear why carrier employees.

Would have their off days restricted on an event day, although it does correspond to Gurman’s claimed .

Schedule Except for the weeks that overlap with Labor Day. Which is obser on the first Monday of each year in the United States, Apple’s iPhone events are typically held on Tuesdays.

When that happens the activities are typically held on Wednesday so that report may travel without conflicting, with the holiday the previous day.

Given that Labor Day is not includ in the expect week this year, a Tuesday event on September 12 would be suggest although Apple.

May always choose to hold a Wednesday event for another reason. Dates for pre-ordering the iPhone 15.

Suppose Apple releases information about the iPhone 15 series on either Tuesday, September 12, or Wednesday. Features of the New iPhone 15.

We would anticipate a launch date to be one week later on iPhone 15 line sale Friday, September 22, based on Apple’s typical scheduling.

The Information stated in July that there may be a supply. Deficit when the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro. Max go on sale in September as a result of Apple.

Suppliers’ difficulties constructing the handsets’ displays, which have thinner bezels. The Pro Max model was believe to have the problems more severely.

Following that, Bloomberg report that there had been ,Minor hiccup” with the screens, but add that it should be resolve .

“Within a week or two” and “will not have a noticeable impact on overall production.”

Ross Young, CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants. State in late July that shipment of iPhone 15 Pro displays are now .Ramping” as the technical concerns have been resolve.

Further raising the chance that Apple won’t postpone the release of the iPhone 15 Pro models. At worst, it appears that shipping predictions on launch day may change more quickly than they otherwise would.

According to rumors, all iPhone 15 models, will have a USB-C. Port rather than a Lightning port, and the Dynamic Island will be compatible with the.

iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus in addition to the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max. Here how we know that the preorder period for the iPhone 15 series, begins on September 15 and ends on September 22.

It’s possible that the iPhone 15 variants will come in light blue and dark pink. This year is no exception to Apple’s practice of offering the regular iPhone models in a variety of vibrant hues.

Along with the tradition black, white, and color options that have been made available in previous years. The vivid pink and blue tones are likely to be offer as well.

The more expensive iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max versions, like the iPhone 14 Pro variants, will offer features that are not present in the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus models.

Lower bezels, a titanium frame, a reversible Action button, a quicker A17 Bionic CPU, better cameras, support for Wi-Fi 6E, more RAM, an improved Ultra Wideband chip, and other innovations.

Are report to be inclub in the iPhone 15 Pro variations. These additional features and inflationary pressures may cause the gadget prices to increase.

The iPhone 15’s blue three-quarter perspective feature. Our specific roundups for the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro have further information on all the new features.

The September event is anticip to contain upgra models of the Apple Watch . eries 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2, final information and launch dates.

For iOS 17 and related operating system updates, as well as possibly a few other announcements. Roundups related to the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro iPhone.

The next iPhone, which we’re informally referring to as the iPhone 15 series, is schedul to be announct at Apple annual fall event, which is still a few weeks away.

The upcoming iPhones are rum to significantly depart from Apple typical design, even though we are expect to see a fold from them just yet.

Will the iPhone 15 receive a USB-C port? is one of the major queries. Will the bezels on the iPhone 15 series be smaller? Apple raise the price of the iPhone in 2023.

Will the Pro models get more substantial update. The iPhone 15 design Light is gone hello USB-C.

Until Apple hosts its upcoming iPhone event, which is most likely to be in September, we won’t be able to say for sure. But these are some of the most significant and reliable.

The changeover from a Lightning connector to a USB-C connector may eventually take place in 2023, according to a story that has been going around for years.

That is probably the result of pressure from the European Union, which has long advocated for a uniform billing norm. The bloc was able to establish laws in 2022 mandating.

That if Apple wants to sell its iPhones in the EU, such devices must have iPhone 15 line will go on sale says USB-C connections by 2024.

If that occurs, the next question is whether Apple will only upgrade iPhone models sold in the EU to USB-C, or all iPhone models.

Apple already makes regional modifications to its iPhone models, as seen with the iPhone 14. Avi Greengart, an analyst with Techsponential, says that things will go forward.

Here’s how we know that the preorder period for the iPhone 15 series, begins on September 15 and ends on September 22.

“There are larger ecosystem, security, and accessory considerations with the power data connector. So I think it is more like that Apple moves all iPhones .

USB-C in the iPhone 16 timeframe, to comply with European regulations. iPhone 15 line will go on sale says. He said in an email to CNET.

Only this year’s iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Models will have USB-C connections, claims seasoned Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman.

With the iPhone 16, perhaps a full changeover will take place the following year. Design of the iPhone 15: Dynamic Island now includes all models

Continue reading A Different, Charging Cable Will Probably. Be Require Her how we know that the preorder for the iPhone 15.

With the iPhone 15 lineup, Apple is probably going to keep selling four different iPhone models. According to rumors, all versions will have a largely similar look.

With the exception that the Dynamic Island cutout from the iPhone 15 line sale in iPhone 14 Pro is expect .

This speculation originates from display analyst Ross Young, who also stated in a September. Tweet that the supply chain prevents base iPhone 15 models from having a greater refresh rate than Apple Pro iPhones.

As stated in his Power On newsletter from June 30, Gurman continues to expect this to happen. Design of the iPhone 15: Dynamic Island now includes all models

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