Stevo Simple Boy Introduces His New Girlfriend Wanja Kihii

Stevo Simple Boy Introduces His New Girlfriend Wanja Kihii

The typical Luo male, Stivo Simple Boy, would prefer rotate through Stevo Simple Boy Introduces a number of women than be faithful to just one.

He only recently confessed his love for Ngesh wa Vasha, and earlier this year, following his public breakup with Pretty Vishy, he had unveiled his wife Grace Atieno.

Stivo and his new girlfriend Wanja Kihii made their relationship public during an interview. Wanja revealed that their relationship is based on love rather than a planned music video.

Wanja continued by saying that Stivo had saved her phone number as darling and that she had saved his as the love of his life. Stivo was Vasha’s, according to Wanja, who claimed it as his own.

Stivo Simple Boy was publicly criticis by Pretty Vishy, who dated Stivo, for being ugly and impoverish. They have shot down accusations of clout chasing.

Many people criticised their relationship, and this was especially true when they split up, with many explanations for the split making a commotion online.

Stevo Simple Boy Introduces

Last week, Vasha turned down Stivo’s plea and advised him to concentrate. She cited the fact that a member of parliament recently gave him donations as a result of his financial predicament.

Following Ngesh ‘Kaveve Kazoze’s rejection, Stivo Simple Boy reveals his rapper lover Wanja Kihii.
They preparing to get married.

Following Ngesh ‘Kaveve Kazoze’s rejection, Stivo Simple Boy has finally introduced his rapper lover, Wanja Kihii.

“Baby naku love love tu yani, umeshinda ata britania biscuits, wangu baby naku…”lombo lombo,” Stivo said.

Wanja acknowledged that she was Stivo’s only wife and welcomed his advances. Stevo Simple Boy Introduces.

She continued by saying that though she is from Nyeri, no one should take her for granted.

Please be informe that Nyeri women recently made headlines for all the wrong reasons.
That was a question for another day, according to Stivo.

They have a reputation for being extremely aggressive and beating their soldiers. Stevo Simple Boy Introduces.

Wanja further reminded Ngesh that by rejecting the Mihadarati rapper, she lost out on a jackpot.

Stivo and Wanja also reveal their intentions to take their relationship to the next level by getting marri

The phrase “Kukienda vizuri tunaweza fanya harusi, tunaweza fanya harusi if it goes well” Wanja said.

Further disputing allegations of power-chasing, Stivo and Wanja insisted theirs was a genuine love.

Additionally, they insisted that they have no plans to release a joint song.

“Hii si ngoma, its just love, love language sio ngoma” declared Wanja

Grace Atieno was question about his wife reaction to the recent event.Mathulisema sijui mwalimu wa.

In yet another video, they can be seen in together as Wanja mocks the now famous maths teacher in jest.

A few days ago, Wanja Kihii made news when she mocked Khaligraph, Diamond, Bahati, and Mejja in her song.

Stevo Simple Boy Introduces

Stevo confessed his love for Wanja during a street interview, adding that she was sweeter than Britania cookies and that he loved her.

Wanja, on the other hand, claimed to have stored Stevo’s phone number as the love of her life and to feel the same way about him.

When questioned if she had met his wife, Wanja responded that she was the only one and added that she was from the Nyeri tribe, whose wives are fiercely loyal to their husbands.

Stevo added that he had saved wanja as a sweetie on his phone but declined to discuss further on the subject of his supposed wife.

Kihii responded that Kaveve lost because Stevo is a wonderful man when questioned about Kaveve Kazoze rejecting Stevo.

Internet viewers were outrag when the well-known artist was photograph kissing up-and-coming rapper Wanja Wa Kihii.

The two ardent lovers were seen walking around the streets holding hands and cruising in each other arms.

Due to her hit song’s viral success, Wanja Wa Kihii has recently attracted a lot of attention. Famous music industry giants like Khaligraph Jones, Mejja, and Samidoh made forceful declarations in the song.

In an interview with local YouTubers, Stivo Simple Boy talked about how he had finally discovered real love while praising Wanja Wa Kihii’s attractiveness. The rapper expertly conveyed how much he cherished Wanja.

Stivo added that he desired to wed the talented Songstress and start a family. I am take a back.

Stivo and Wanja both refuted claims that their relationship was fuel by a need for publicity to promote new music releases.

They were adamant about how genuine and true their love is. Additionally, they gave stern instructions not to interfere with their romantic relationship to their ex-partners.

Kenyans are still talking over Stivo Simple Boy’s introduction of Wanja Kihii as his new wife. Wanja Kihii is the self-described “Diamond Platinumz of Kenya,” according to the man who spoke with Mpasho News.

A few days after Ngesh reject his proposal, the news was announc. The singer of the hit song “Kaveve Kazoze.

Crushed Stivo Simple Boy’s heart by confessing that she already had a boyfriend. Simple boy Stivo had stated his intention.

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