Principal suspended amid allegations of emotional and physical abuse of students

Principal suspended amid allegations of emotional and physical abuse of students

Principal suspended amid allegations has been placed on administrative leave following claims of long-term mental and physical abuse of children.

The Education and Training Board (ETB), which is the school’s patron, as well as the child safety agencies Tusla and garda, are looking into the allegations.

Allegations include inappropriate physical contact with students, such as hugging and sitting on their laps, verbal belittling of schoolchildren, and forcing.

A student with autism to partially undress in front of other students. Special toys that autistic children use as a calming tool have also allegedly been removed.

Staff members at the institution sent the ETB in question the accusations earlier this year.

Their complaint, which RTÉ News has seen, describes numerous incidences involving the principle that specific members of staff were present for.

After the local ETB received the letter of complaint, the school’s principal was placed on administrative leave.

Nearly every member of the school personnel sign. Principal suspended amid allegations the letter.

The charges are “completely false,” the school’s principal told RTÉ News.

They claimed, “I have always performed my duties honestly and morally, and I have never mistreated anyone.”

The school serves a low-income neighborhood and a group of pupils that have been labeled as “extremely vulnerable” by staff.

They include students who are in direct provision or who are homeless.

Staff claim that they had to “hide” several pupils from the principal in the complaint because they were being “deliberately targeted” and needed to be protected.

Numerous incidences described in the lawsuit are related to how the principal handled kids with disabilities.

Principal suspended amid allegations

One allegation of an intellectually disabled student being “stripped” in a classroom by the school principal “to put him in a shirt and tie” was on the list.

He was groaning loudly and appeared to be in distress as this was done in front of other students in class. While [one specific student] was in class and observed this, she was crying.

Even though many of the children have sensory issues and the uniform material is uncomfortable.

the principal insisted that all students with intellectual impairments wear their school uniforms, according to the lawsuit.

Staff members have stated that calling her names upsetting her, and then walking away” in reference to another student.

The principal “would frequently grab [the student] and hug [him] really tightly, 30 seconds to a minute, causing him great distress,” according to a third autistic student.

The principal “sat on his lap to help him regulate,” according to the complaint, is only one of “a number of disturbing incidences that have taken place with student.”

“When this student attempt to get up from his chair, the principal physically grab him and told him he was not permit to move

His stimming objects were take away. Children with autism utilize stimming toys to help them self-regulate.

The parents of this child spoke

to RTÉ News about their interactions with the principal and complaints they made, while not being aware of the specifics of the staff complaint.

They describe distressing phone conversations the principal made to the mother, during which she could either hear her crying son on the speaker phone or in the background.

Although her adolescent son cannot speak, she claim that whenever the principal’s name is mention he will say, “No Mammy, no Mammy, no Mammy.”

Staff claim in the grievance that the principal appeared to have “targeted” specific pupils.

Referring to a number of situations involving a different student who shall remain nameless, they stated that “numerous staff had.

To deliberately try and protect [named student] from and their deliberate antagonizing which was distressing for all.”

The staff listed several instances where the principal yelled and used profanity toward parents, including telling one parent to “f… off” and a student separately.

“When a student repeatedly

The principal to leave her alone. The principal would refuse Principal suspended amid allegations and assert that she was the boss.

After an incident in which they were instruct to “shut up” by the administration, one student was sobbing and distress.

The staff express their “deep concern” over the fact that special needs students were not receiving the educational supports to which they were entitle.

The complaint claims that it is “extremely upsetting to see students’ needs being so blatantly ignored and interventions [suggested by teachers] being rejected.”

They claim that special needs assistants were instruct to inform parents that if their autistic child had a meltdown.

They would be sent home and possibly suspend for violating the school’s behavior code and that the code of to all students, including those with intellectual disabilities.

Numerous concerns about the way the principal treated the personnel are also include in the document. They were describe as “always on guard” and “fearful.”

Principal disputes claims

The charges are “completely incorrect,” according to the principal of the school at the center of them.

They claimed, “I have never behaved inappropriately. Principal suspended amid allegations or engaged in any criminal activity.

The principal decline to comment further when asked about the specifics. The accusations because a Tusla inquiry was still going on.

Some of the accusations were brush aside by the principal as “staffroom rumors” and “weaponizing content” against them.

Principal suspended amid allegations

The Education and Training Board, the organization that oversees. The school and was infirme of the staff’s complaint, has confirm in a statement.

That “a specific employee at a school under our patronage has been place. On administrative leave, without prejudice, relating to matters.

The subject of ongoing formal enquiries and around which we are unable to comment further at this time.”

According to the statement, the organization was “always commit to ensuring the highest standards. Of service and well-being for all students in our care and for the entire school community.”

According to a statement by An Garda Sochána, “an investigation. Has been open into a number of referrals receive from Tusla regarding conduct at an educational establishment.”

The letter concludes by stating that the students. Welfare has been paramount in creating this document which was sign by the majority of the school’s employees.

The personnel pleaded with the ETB main office to take. Principal suspended amid allegations “urgent action” in their complaint.

The context in which we currently find ourselves “is incredibly difficult to articulate,” they wrote.

“As a staff, we feel we have no choice but to take this position.”

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