NRL’s Wayne Bennett Details How His Affair With Dale Cage Began After Sparks Flew In The Medical Secretary’s Office

NRL’s Wayne Bennett Details How His Affair With Dale Cage Began After Sparks Flew In The Medical Secretary’s Office

Wayne Bennett, the head coach of the NRL, has confirmed persistent claims. NRL’s Wayne Bennett Details that he met Dale Cage while still alive and still legally wed to his wife of more than forty years.

In his recently published book, The Wolf You Feed, sports journalist Andrew Webster revealed in detail the seven-time premiership coach’s affair with Ms. Cage, who is 22 years his junior.

Daily Mail Australia first disclosed Bennett’s new lover’s name seven years ago. The football legend confirmed rumors that his 42-year marriage to wife Trish had split, shocking the NRL in the process.

The beginning of the relationship with Cage is explained for the first time in Mr. Webster’s book.

Bennett led the Newcastle Knights as their coach, and mother-of-three Cage oversaw the longtime club physician Neil Halpin’s office.

Bennett unexpectedly entered the doctor’s office in late 2013 to ask about unpaid medical bills just as Cage was about to depart for lunch. This is how the two first became acquainted.

It has been revealed by Wayne Bennett (second from left, with Dale Cage) that his relationship with Dale Cage (left) started in the beginning of 2014 while he was still married.

The two may credit Nathan Tinkler, the former Knights manager, for bringing them together at the conclusion of 2013, when the team abruptly ceased covering the players’ expenses.

At the time, Cage had spent twenty years working for Dr. Halpin in his office at the Knights Administration Headquarters.

Bennett had asked Halpin’s “grumpy secretary” why appointments for Bennett said to the receptionist, “I’m here for Dale.” His injured players were being refused.

Cage remarked, curtly, “Well, you found her. However, perhaps you should schedule a meeting because I’m going to lunch.

Oh, you’re Dale, Bennett exclaimed in amazement. Not what I expected, you.

“What did you expect He retorted, “Someone who was old. NRL’s Wayne Bennett Details and grumpy.” Cage questioned.

NRL’s Wayne Bennett Details

Cage claimed that Bennett visited her for lunch and was “surprised by my self-confidence.”

The medical bills were settled four days later, and the two people were now “best friends.”

“There was an instant connection,” Cage said But I’ve never let it stop me from coaching to Webster.

As a result of Bennett’s frequent visits to Cage’s place of work with two cups of coffee, the doctor told him, “I’ll have an extra hot latte.”

Bennett affirms in the book that in the beginning of 2014, his friendship with Cage developed into a romance.

“Dale was a distraction to everyone because no one thought I would do what I did,” he recalls.

Bennett was renowned at the time for his ecstatic admiration of his wife Trish and was seen as a family man.

He coached for six years in Wollongong and then Newcastle, 1076 kilometers distant from Brisbane, where she was the primary caregiver for their two challenged adult children.

Two years after their relationship started, Dale Cage (pictured) was initially connected to NRL supercoach Wayne Bennett in 2016.

When Wayne Bennett and his current

Partner started dating in 2014, he was still married to Trish (they were seen together in a 1999 photo).

Cage followed Bennett when he departed the Knights at the conclusion of the 2014 campaign to take the Brisbane Broncos coaching job back in his homeland.

Before Bennett was forced to publicly confess his marriage had ended when he was questioned by reporters during the Broncos’ 2016 finals campaign, nearly two seasons would pass.

We advanced to the 2015 championship game, and I eliminated her there. We reached the semifinals the next year. the following year’s preliminary final.

Although the Broncos disliked Dale, they were all familiar with Trish. I realize,” Bennett replied.

My players didn’t seem to care. One person acted as both judge. NRL’s Wayne Bennett Details and jury in the situation.

There were separated employees working there. Robinson Crusoe was not me. But Wayne is subject to different laws. That has consistently existed.

Wayne has never been there

He is constantly viewed differently. That is not an issue. He was in charge.

Bennett maintains that it was simple for people to judge him.

“People are not permitted to throw stones inside greenhouses.” He informs Webster in the novel, “We all have the freedom to make our own decisions.

“It’s none of your concern if I made a choice that you believe I shouldn’t have.

You should rely on your own judgment in this case.

“The media has nothing at all against me.” I don’t gamble. I don’t drink, I don’t go after women, I don’t listen to the blues, or anything like that.

Not all of his former teammates approved of his new relationship; at least one group supported Bennett’s wife.

At the moment, a former athlete NRL’s Wayne Bennett Details asked Webster, “What about this guy.

“Trish, it’s too bad”It was the worst time of my life,” she remarked he did this.”

Since 2014, Dale Cage, a mother of three and former secretary, has worked with Bennett.

Wayne Bennett credited his wife

Trish (seen above with their three children) with his considerable success as an NRL coach up until the breakup of their marriage in 2016.

Bennett’s adultery is still a sensitive subject for many other ex-players, and no one wants to discuss it with Webster.

“We all fall short occasionally. He is still a remarkable individual, another person said.

Although some people at the Broncos tried to make her feel at home, Cage said, the atmosphere in the entire club was toxic.

I wanted to stay in and be a hermit, but he liked it when I attended games and gatherings.

As a result of people taking sides, Wayne quickly discovered who was his buddy and who wasn’t.

Bennett won’t specifically name anyone at the Broncos, who he referred to as “judge and jury,” but a former close friend and then Broncos owner Paul White are frequently blamed.

NRL’s Wayne Bennett Details

White fired Bennett via voicemail NRL’s Wayne Bennett Details two years later 2018.

Bennett was fired as a result of the off-field incident, according to White.

In the book, White claims, “I am not the moral police.” I’ve never had a moral opinion. I considered myself to be a solid support for Wayne. He entirely misunderstood that.

When it was reported that she had begun a relationship with married rugby league super coach Wayne Bennett, Wayne Bennett’s spouse claims she was referred to as a “homewrecker.”

Bennett contacted Cage to inform her that the dissolution of his marriage was going to become public, and the biography states that he was “as white as a ghost” at the time.

Allan Langer, a former Broncos player turned club coach, jokedly called Bennett around three in the morning on the day the news broke and asked, “Is Hugh Hefner there?” in reference to the late Playboy publisher.

Bennett’s new love interest, Cage, was reported by Daily Mail Australia two days after the rumor first surfaced, and the couple quickly rose to the top of Brisbane’s news agenda.

A few days later, Bennett and Cage took a flight to Sydney to attend the private funeral of Bennett’s former coach, the legendary league player Ron Massey.

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