Mulamwah’s Baby Mama Carol Sonnie Goes out On Date, Hints She’s Seeing Someone: “Rib Giver”

Carol Sonnie, the mother of Mulamwah, Hints She's Seeing Someone has disclosed that the couple is no longer dating.

The single mother, who split up with her child’s father when she was three Hints She’s Seeing Someone months pregnant.

answered questions from her followers on Instagram and talked more about her present romantic situation. Hints She’s Seeing Someone.

“Don’t worry, you don’t heal, especially if a baby is involve, but with time things loosen up hold on there, mama.” Sonie responded.

Dating not at the moment, maybe in the future,” when asked if she had any immediate plans to date and have more children.

No more children chapter (Kids hapo ni kama nilifunga)” When another fan inquired about what her ex, Mulamwah, had said about her, the mother’s response was: “Give me time.

I’ll eventually discuss it.”The child is a stranger to my family. She refused to bring the child home to visit my family and said, “Alikataa kumleta home.” He said, “She even shaved her on her own against convention.

Mulamwah claimed Sonie threatened to change their daughter’s name during a fan Q&A on Instagram when the fan inquired about how frequently he sees his kid.

“Honestly, I’m not sure if she goes by the name Keilah or Hata Sijui Kama Bado. The mother informed me that she would change the child’s name and inform her that her father had passed away, Mulamwah stated.

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the comedian said that his baby’s mother had refused to bring their child to visit his family in Kitale. “The child is a stranger to my family.

Hints She’s Seeing Someone

She refused to bring the child home to visit my family and said, “Alikataa kumleta home.

Mulamwah, who was raise by his grandmother, reportedly disclose that Sonie’s excessive demands led to their breakup. He allege that the former actress who is now a content provider ur him to lavishly rewar her.

I want it to be known that Mulamwah and I are no longer a couple. For reasons that are best known to us, we have both agree and chosen to separate ways.

I personally don’t take it for granted, so thank you very much for the love and support you gave us over the course of those four years,” she wrote.

For the first time in a long time, well-known comedian David Oyando aka Mulamwah uploaded a photo of his baby mother Carol Sonnie.

The father of one uploaded two Sonnie posters on his Instagram profile on Saturday in order to advertise a specific TV programme.

On Mr. Right Season 3 on Rembo TV, Sonnie is plan to appear as Diana Marua and Dr. Ofeneke’s guest.

It might also suggest that, despite their history of verbal abuse against one another, the coparents’ current relationship is positive.

Mulamwah is apparently seeing his buddy Ruth K, while Carol Sonnie has kept her current relationship a secret.

The two have denie being in a romantic relationship despite frequently being photographe together. The comedian said earlier this year.

I want it to be known that Mulamwa and I are no longer a couple. For reasons that are best known to us, we have both agree and chosen to separate ways.

I personally don’t take it for granted, so thank you very much for the love and support you offered us during those four years.

Hints She’s Seeing Someone

Thank you so much for allowing me be a part of your life for those years, Mulamwa. I value you as a sana and will always cherish the memories.

I wish you nothing but the very best as you move on in life. Keep winning, and may God reward you at every turn. Hints She’s Seeing Someone.

I want to express my gratitude to my fans for their love and support. God bless you all, each and every one.

Mulamwah criticised Sonnie for saying that he is not participating in their daughter’s life in a message posted on his Instagram page.

In addition, he said the actress had forbidden him from visiting their daughter.

“Kumbe hata ningeacha tu ulikua unatoa mimba. After that, unasaidiwa unakuja kunia kwa sahani

Unajifanya sahii unapenda, mtoto

Ilikua utupe kwa choo ndio unaninyima hata mimi time ya mtoto mimi na mzazi wangu ati mkaishi kwa mzee? Mulamwah wrote, “Na huku nje unarant husaidiwi.

Sonnie is free to date as long as her partner doesn’t bother their daughter, he continued.

“Kama wewe unafanywa hivo na mtoto wa kike atafanywaje huko?,” one would ask. Respect each other, date anybody you like, but keep the small girl out of your path, Mulamwah said.

Sonnie received a range of responses on social media over the weekend after posting videos with her unidentified lover.

In the first video the actor cool be seen affectionately holding hands with the man and display her brand new nails. Hints She’s Seeing Someone.

It’s crucial that utengeneze hiyo location umetoka because “there are those people born in Nairobi, sisi tumekuja by bus, so we are here to hustle, we have two-three years then we go back,” he said.

Sonnie made it clear that she broke up with the comedian for reasons that were only known to them when she announc their separation.

I want it to be known that mulamwa and I are no longer a couple. We both deci to separate ways for reasons that are best known to us.I ‘m grateful.

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