Luis Rubiales’s That Show He Is A Loving Father Who Respects Women’

Luis Rubiales’s That Show He Is A Loving Father Who Respects Women’

Luis Rubiales’ family has rebuffed accusations that he is sexist, saying Luis Rubiales’s ‘That Show that he is a caring man who loves women and is only guilty of “excessive euphoria.

Rubiales is currently under fire as the head of the Spanish FA. According to the family, these images capture the genuine Luis, who is kind and polite.

They came out following a compelling interview with Juan Rubiales, who alleged that football head Luis is “arrogant” and “obsessed with luxury and money” following his controversial kiss on World Cup victor Jenni Hermoso’s lips.

The family also provided fresh images of Luis, who has been suspended Luis Rubiales’s ‘That Show by FIFA due to the uproar, to Mail Online.

The source maintains that an unjust “witch hunt” is being conducted He Is A Loving Father against him and that he is “nothing like” the subject.

The relative assured us that the only transgression was the man’s overwhelming exhilaration. There was no assault, so for Jenni and everyone else to claim that he assaulted her is absurd and untrue.

Luis Rubiales, president of the Spanish FA, beams in a group shot. He is being defend by his family despite growing calls for him to resign from his position.

Luis Rubiales’s ‘That Show

Rubiales and family members. The Rubiales family stepped out following an outstanding interview with Juan Rubiales, who alleged that football executive Luis is “arrogant” and “obsessed with luxury and money.”

To defend him against rising demands to resign from his job, the family Luis Rubiales’s ‘That Show has closed ranks.

The mother of Rubiales, Angeles 72, went so far as to lock herself up in an effort to defend her son.

They went on a three-day hunger strike before being brought to the hospital and attend church in their home town of Motri.

Former hairdresser Angeles had stated that she intended to remain in Divina Pastora church “forever, day and night” due to the “inhuman and bloodthirsty treatment” her kid had received.

In an effort to quell the uproar that has enveloped him since the ‘Kissgate’ incident erupted last month at the conclusion.

The Women’s World Cup final versus England in Sydney, Rubiales, 46, has begged his family to remain silent.

However, a member of the family who wished to remain unnamed gave Mail Online pictures from the family album showing Rubiales taking part in events and acting as a devoted father, uncle, and cousin.

“This all came out of left field and is so unfair to Luis,” the family source stated. He is not at all the misogynist sexist that everyone believes him to be.

He respects ladies since he has three daughters who are the pride Luis Rubiales’s He Is A Loving Father and pleasure of his life.

“As you can see from the photos, he’s a devoted family man who values women. The World Cup final has just been won by Spain. Do you agree that a small celebration is in order.

The only thing he was guilty

Excessive euphoria, nothing else, there was no assault and for Jenni and everyone else. To think he assault her is ludicrous, it couldn’t be further from the truth,’ a family member add.

According to the family, the pictures depict the actual man, who is kind and courteous.

Jenni wait unit she was really seen on the bus tape a few days later. Laughing and joking, before claiming there had been an assault and that she was outrage.

Please tell me what planet we are on. What source does this garbage have. It’s unfair that he is being lynch on a global basis.

He Is A Loving Father

Why is Jenni only now complaining. All we want is for her to be honest.

Okay, yes, that can be bad, but did he earn everything? He is execut on the cross for a brief kiss.

“He is a very loving man.” He constantly kisses us when he comes to Luis Rubiales’s ‘That Show ‘That Show see his family since.

The is being attack family Luis Rubiales That Show the head. The Spanish FA, rebutted accusations that he is sexist.

“It’s just a lynch mob of politicians and feminists trying to create a fuss out of nothing. She didn’t appear to demonstrate any signs of feeling threatened.

Rubiales, who called his detractors “idiots and stupid people” at a news conference last Friday.

Has so far rebuffed calls from regional FA leaders for him to step down. Though a decision over his future is anticipate from the country’s sports tribunal today.

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