Katie Price heartbreakingly discusses her failed IVF attempt as she tries for baby number six with on-off fiancé Carl Woods

Katie Price heartbreakingly discusses her failed IVF attempt as she tries for baby number six with on-off fiancé Carl Woods

As she attempts for baby number six with Katie Price heartbreakingly discusses on-and-off fiancé Carl Woods, Katie Price has heartbreakingly addressed her unsuccessful IVF effort.
The 45-year-old former glamour model is the mother of five children, including Princess, 16, and her ex-husband Peter Andre’s son Harvey, 21, who she shares with Junior, 18, and Dwight Yorke.
Along with Bunny, 8, and Jett, 9, she also shares two children with her ex-husband Kieran Hayler.
On this week’s episode of the Rule Breakers podcast, 54-year-old Michelle Visage interviewed Katie about her desire to have more children with Carl.
Katie Price has opened out heartbreakingly about her failed IVF attempt as she makes an effort to have child number six with her on-and-off fiancé Carl Woods.

The former glamour model, 45, is the mother of five kids, including Princess, 16, and Harvey, 21, the son of her ex-husband Peter Andre, whom she also has with Junior, 18, and Dwight Yorke.

She also has two children with her ex-husband Kieran Hayler, who she shares with in addition to Bunny, 8, and Jett, 9.

Katie was interviewed by 54-year-old Michelle Visage for this week’s Rule Breakers podcast episode about her wish to have more kids with Carl.

She has already discussed her desire to become a grandmother and her prior plans for surrogacy.

Katie disclosed how far along with her plans she had gotten earlier this year. Katie Price heartbreakingly discusses.

“I have a surrogate, I don’t have any eggs left, and I want another baby. What should I do.

“I have this lady, it will be my egg,” she said, “and she does surrogacy. She has been a fan of mine for years.”

With Dwight York, Katie has Harvey; with Peter, she has Princess and Junior; and with Kieran Hayler, she has Bunny and Jett.

Katie Price heartbreakingly discusses

On the most recent episode of Michelle Visage’s podcast, Katie Price made a terrible commitment while disclosing that she had previously failed at IVF.

The 45-year-old former beauty model expressed her sincere desire to marry Carl Woods and start a family.

On this week’s episode of her Rule Breakers podcast with Michelle, the presenter probed Katie about significant aspects of her personal life, including having children.

“No, are you joking?” the model swiftly answered. IVF was tried last year but failed, so I’m going to try again, try again, she said before continuing. I won’t give up. I want more children.

Katie and Carl visited a reproductive clinic in the heart of London earlier this year, which stoked speculation about surrogacy.

“I have got a surrogate, I haven’t got any eggs anymore, I’m 44, I want another baby so what am I supposed to do? I can’t pop it out,” she told.

Have got this lady, it will be my egg – she’s been a fan of mine for years and she does do surrogacy.

Katie also revealed she could not carry another baby and that she would need a surrogate. Told the host Lewis on his podcast that the surrogate was a fan.

She ad have got this lady it will be my egg she been a fan of mine for years. She does do surrogacy If I was with someone it would be with them. If not it wow be a sperm donor.

Katie recently beg the authorities to throw her in jail rather than have her appear in court again.

I feel so threaten by legal documents.

Recently had hot dinners less frequently than court appearances. I no longer fear going to court said.

Can you throw me in jail just to get rid of everything. Just put it behind you, she advise the Mirror.

Im tire of being remine why I’m in court and with the reminders. I don really care whether I end up in jail. Since then it is finish.

She did, however, confess that she would love to “experience” life in a prison. Katie Price heartbreakingly discusses.

Read more: Katie Price, who is pleading for help, “truly doesn’t care” whether she ends up in jail.

It follows The Sun’s revelation that Katie is planning to produce a brand-new TV documentary that will follow her journey.

Katie join Michelle Visage on her podcast Rule. Breakers where she share the disappointing results of her most recent IVF try.

Katie Price has disclos that her and on off fiancé Carl Woods used. IVF in an effort to conceive a chil, but regrettably their efforts were unsuccessful.

The onlyFans star 45, is a pro mother of five and has never. Hidden the fact that she would adore having more kids.

Katie Price heartbreakingly discusses

Since 2020, she has been in a turbulent relationship with former. Love Island competitor Carl, 34; the two are now stable after their most recent reunion in June of this year.

Katie’s five children are 21-yer-old son Harvey, who was the product of her explosive relationship with footballer.

Dwight Yorke and she shares 18 year old son Junior and 16-year-old daughter Princess. With ex She also shares nine year-old Jett and eight year-old. Bunny with ex-husband Kieran Hayler.

While Katie and Carl are yet to tie-the-knot having been engag. For almost two years, it seems the pair are eager to create a child. Together and they have used IVF to try and help them in their plight.

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