‘It means a lot to the whole community’ Lahainaluna Football team will play this season

‘It means a lot to the whole community’ Lahainaluna Football team will play this season

Finally some good news after all the tragedy the community has experienced. The football team from Lahainaluna High School will still be able to play. It’s exactly what the neighbourhood needs, according to the coach and the players.

The devastating wildfire that destroyed the town on August 8th has caused the residents of Lahaina a great deal of tragedy and heartache.

A ray of hope at last. Dean Rickard, the football coach at Lahainaluna High School, stated that the team would don uniforms and play.

He said, “We just learned that we’re going to have a season, and our first game is going to be scheduled for September 30.

Lahainaluna Football team will play

It’s thrilling. However, we are still very conscious of what we aim to represent and how we conduct ourselves as a community in doing so.

The information was delivere to Coach Rickard’s athletic director on Friday afternoon, he said. There are still many details to iron out, such as where and when they can formally begin practising.

Lahainaluna High School will resume classes at the Kulanihakoi campus in Kihei, according to the Department of Education, though there is no official word on when that will happen.

Now we’re just waiting for the day that school starts, Rickard added, “so that we can actually get out on the pitch and get back to our regular practise.”

How many pupils have transferred to other institutions or fled the island.

“We need to decide whether to field a varsity-only or JV team. Hence, everything hinges on how many students really return from some of the other schools.

Although many people lost their homes and love ones, he is thankful that his crew and all of the players are unharm.

Since we lost four family members in the fire.

We experienced an emotional roller coaster on top of everything else, according to Rickard. Home of senior running back Kaulana Tihada was completely destroye by fire.

“Thank goodness, my family and I are doing fine. In safety. Day by day, you know, adjusting to it and getting better,” Tihada added, “we’re dealing with it.

This season means so much more to him and his friend Morgan “Bula” Montgomery than just football. It is intend to promote restoration, pride, and community reunification.

This year, Montgomery promised, “We’ll definitely be coming out with, and we’ll be coming out swinging.”

This coming week marks the start of the Maui Interscholastic League’s season. The first game between Lahainaluna and Baldwin is slated for September 30 at War Memorial Stadium.


Finally some good news after all the devastation the town has through.

The football squad from Lahainaluna will still have the chance to compete. It’s exactly what the town needs, according to the coach and two players.

In a heartening turn of events, the Lahainaluna Football team is set to take to the field this season, sparking a wave of excitement and unity within the entire community.

After a tumultuous period of uncertainty, the team’s determination to play not only showcases their resilience but also underlines the vital role sports play in bringing people together.

The Lahainaluna community has long been a steadfast supporter of its local football team, making it a cornerstone of their identity.

From the electrifying Friday night lights to the resounding cheers echoing across the stadium, the team’s games have consistently been a unifying force.

Lahainaluna Football team will play

That bridges generational divides and fosters camaraderie among community members.

Last year’s unforeseen hiatus due to the global pandemic left an undeniable void. In the hearts of players, coaches, and fans alike.

The absence of the spirited competition and the collective experience of rallying behind. Their team only deepened the community’s yearning for the return of football season.

Now, as the world gradually inches back to a semblance of normalcy. The news of the Lahainaluna Football team’s comeback has infused a renewed sense of hope and optimism.

The players’ commitment to their craft during the hiatus has been nothing short of inspirational. Whether it was virtual training sessions or personal workouts.

Each member of the team demonstrated an unwavering dedication to staying prepared for the day. They could once again don their jerseys and represent their school and community on the field.

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