Bright Vachirawit Debut His First Ever Campaign With Calvin Klein

Bright Vachirawit Debut His First Ever Campaign With Calvin Klein

As Kunlatorn Chivaaree, Bright was born on December 27, 1997, in Nakhon Bright Vachirawit Debut His First Ever Campaign Chai Si, Nakhon Pathom Province, Thailand. He is of Thai, American, and Chinese ancestry.

He was a young child when his parents got divorce. With his cousins and maternal relatives, he was raise in Thailand.

His mother gave him the name “Bright” when he was a child.[7][8] His uncle had a music school, thus he was surround by musicians growing up.

He began studying different musical instruments when he was 10 years old. Bright Vachirawit Debut His First Ever Campaign.

Bright finished both his lower and higher secondary school at Triam Udom Suksa School and Suankularb Wittayalai School.

He supported himself through school by working part-time for tiny gigs in the entertainment sector.[13] He first received a scholarship and started practicing the Thammasat.

generation of Strawberry Krub Cake (SKC) on Channel

He also made his playing debut in the SKC short drama The Beginning: Run Lovers Run, which was creat by Duang Malee Maneejan and Nadao Bangkok.

He appeared in a number of tiny roles in the business, including TV dramas, music videos, and a movie. His roles as “Day” in Social Death Vote and “Peter” in I Sea U are particularly noteworthy.

Bright was sign as an actor and performer after submitting an audition for GMMTV’s New Face Project in 2018. In a few shows, he largely played supporting roles.

He received the part of “young Dr. Peng” in Nadao Bangkok’s My Ambulance after a successful audition in 2019.

Bright had his debut in 2020 when he took the lead part of “Sarawat” in the television series 2gether: The Series.

The series rose to prominence both nationally and internationally. Bright Vachirawit Debut His First Ever Campaign becoming Line TV’s most watched program.

He returned to the part of “Sarawat” in the sequel Still 2gether in 2020, and in the Tokyo-premiered 2gether: The Movie.

His passionate acting earned praise from Japanese director Shusuke Kaneko in June 2021 on Twitter.[27]

In F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers, a Thai translation of the Japanese manga Hana Yori Dango by Yoko Kamio, Bright played the lead character of opposite.

Tu Tontawan, who was cast as “Gorya” (“Makino Tsukushi”), who acknowled her excitement on his screen appearance.

He was chosen for the role of “Thyme” in 2019, but the COVID-19 epidemic delay additional casting and the shooting.

He was give the “Mekhala Best Actor ward” when it was ultimately shown on December 18, 2021, and it was a huge success around the world.

In the well-received television series Astrophile from 2022, Bright co-starred as “Kimhan” with Davika Hoorne.

His cameo as the adversary “Moth” in the fantasy series Midnight Museum was well appreciate and attracte a lot of viewers.

He is attracting favorable recognition for his role as “Tul” in the eerie thriller Enigma. His upcoming movie, The Interest, stars Urassaya Sperbund and is a Thai version of Man in Love.

At first, Bright made several appearances in music videos for other singers. Bright Vachirawit Debut His First Ever Campaign.

His but OPM song cover, “With A Smile,” was made available .Official Still get Philippines version theme song in July 2020.

Bright won the “Best Song Drama” award for his song. “Kan Goo” at the 12th Nataraja Awards, which is one of Thailand’s most prestigious awards bodies.

Grammy: Best of the year 2020 (Thailand version)” included his songs “Kang Goo” and “Yang Koo Gun” as well.

The Giveaway Roboguru Show[38] in 2021 featured a duet by Bright and Tiara Andini, and the show was televised on 9 Indonesian television channels.

Later same year, Bright worked with rapper F.Hero on the song “Sad Movie,” for which they both received awards.

Bright but English single made available. His collaboration with Kanyawee Songmuang on the song.

received acclaim.[46] He participate in T-pop concerts that were he in Thailand and Japan.[47] He enjoyed a successful run of musical concerts throughout South-East Asian nations.

His mini album Adolescent’s lead song, My Ecstasy Feat. Gerr, was publish in January 2023 by new record label RISER Music in Thailand, where his artistic vision is respect.

This song quickly rose to the top of the charts.[50] He participated in the “Get Rising To Riser” concert, which had the third-highest global popularity trend.

He took part in “Rolling Loud 2023,” the biggest hip-hop. Music event in the world, in Pattaya, Thailand, in April 2023.

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