Beware what you consume, Kebs mark of quality not guaranteed

Beware what you consume, Kebs mark of quality not guaranteed

KENYA – The Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) has released a thorough Beware what you consume clarification in response to recent headlines raising questions about the effectiveness.

Of its quality assurance systems in an effort to clarify its crucial role in guaranteeing product quality and consumer protection.

The aforementioned article falsely claimed that KEBS’ “Mark of Quality” is not a guarantee of superior product quality, which prompted KEBS to clarify its exacting quality assurance procedures.

Contrary to the article’s concerns, the aim of KEBS is to improve quality of life, safeguard consumers, and foster trade, industry, and innovation through strict quality control procedures.

The myths surrounding the “Diamond Mark of Quality,” a designation given to manufacturers who meet certain criteria, are the primary emphasis of KEBS’ answer.

This widely accepted practise entails a thorough procedure of inspection, assessment of the manufacturing facilities, product sample, testing, and the execution of a contract for product certification with KEBS.

This dedication guarantees ongoing adherence to pertinent standards and laws governing the product.

The Diamond Mark of Quality, according to KEBS, is a symbol that denotes a manufacturer’s consistent capacity to go above and above the minimal standards outlined in product specifications.

KEBS insists that it is still actively involved in maintaining product quality, despite assertions to the contrary. In the fiscal year 2022–2023, KEBS reports that it tested more than 60,000 consumer goods, demonstrating its commitment to quality control.

A set of rigorous measures are necessary for product certification. A registered legal entity must come before a manufacturer.

The competency of manufacturers’ manufacturing processes is assessed during in-depth inspections of their facilities by KEBS in accordance with Section 10(3) criteria.

Manufacturers are required to set up quality controls that ensure the calibre of the raw materials, effective management of the production process, and compliance with packaging and labelling regulations.

Beware what you consume

Following that, KEBS carries out the crucial work of sampling and testing products to make sure they adhere to pertinent Kenya Standards.

Manufacturers sign a certification agreement with KEBS to demonstrate their dedication to quality control. They commit to upholding strict quality management procedures as stated in this agreement.

The process doesn’t end there; KEBS continues to participate actively in ongoing monitoring. Regular monitoring and surveillance checks conducted by KEBS assure.

KEBS makes it clear that while it sets standards and polices their observance. It is the duty of manufacturers to provide products that respon to these requirements.

A system base on confidence is foster through the mutually beneficial relationship. Between KEBS and manufacturers, which is furt here by strict protocols and sanctions for violations.

On this page, we address the myth that KEBS participated in subpar procurement procedures. KEBS makes it clear that it was not a part of the tendering. Procedure that result in the purchase of inferior goods.

A Diamond Mark also denotes a stringent

Compliance process. Therefore it was taken out of context to say that products bearing it are not subject. To inspection and testing when they arrive at ports of entry.

Through its “Wajibika Na KEBS” programme, KEBS invites the public to take part in consumer protection. Public access.

This thorough answer intends to clarify any misunderstandings and emphasise the importance of quality. Assurance in the Kenyan market as KEBS stays steadfast in its dedication to quality and consumer safety.

The Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) runs the Diamond. Mark of Quality, often known as D-Mark, a voluntary product certification programme.

It is a distinction give to producer whether domestically. Or overseas who have shown a high level of excellence in product manufacturing and quality.

Thus, holders of D-Mark permits automatically qualify for the standardisation mark (SM) without having to make any further fees.

Subject to good quality performance and full compliance. With other commercial duties agree upon, the permission to use the mark is valid for three years.

Since August 1st, 2015, KEBS has created and implemented secure Quality Marks/stickers with Track and Trace software. Beware what you consume.

Beware what you consume

The project goal was to combat the wide counterfeiting of KEBS. Quality Marks and establish a platform that would enable KEBS to validate and verify products bearing .

Quality Marks in real time while they are being use on the ground. The technology will also give customers access to an online portal .

They can directly verify the accuracy of product certifications before making a purchase.

The project’s initial phase focuses on ALL imported goods meant for local market sales. Import Standardisation.

Mark (ISM) stickers must be purchase by each importer of the aforemention products directly from KEBS. Importers must submit Copies in order to apply for ISM.

To remed or prevent a proven micronutrient deficiency, food fortification .Entails adding one or more vitamins, minerals, and/or other nutrients. To a food product (often referr to as a food vehicle).

It is one of the four most important and cost-effective strategies the WHO suggests using to combat micronutrient deficiencies.

As a result, the following food products must now be for according to a legal notice issue. By the Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation on June 15th, 2012 (Legal Notice No. 62).

In order to manage the Food Fortification. Logo and certify products that meet the appropriate Kenya Stand with regard to Fortification, the Ministry of Public.

Health and Sanitation and KEBS have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). A vali Standardisation is require of anyone applying for the food fortification logo.

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