Belarus hackers target foreign diplomats with help of local ISPs, researchers say

Belarus hackers target foreign diplomats with help of local ISPs, researchers say

Security researchers claim that for almost ten years, hackers with connections Belarus hackers target foreign diplomats to the Belarusian government have been targeting foreign diplomats stationed there.

A report detailing the actions of a recently uncovered government hacking group that the business has dubbed MoustachedBouncer was released on Thursday by the antivirus company ESET.

According to ESET, the gang has likely been hacking or at least targeted diplomats by intercepting their internet.

Service provider (ISP) connections, indicating close cooperation with the Belarusian government.

At least four foreign embassies have been attacked by MoustachedBouncer since 2014: two European, one South Asian, and two African.

According to ESET researcher Matthieu. The operators were trained to find confidential documents, but we not sure exactly what they were looking for.

Days after Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022, MoustachedBouncer launch a cyberattack against specific diplomats working.

For an embassy of a European nation “somehow involved in the war,” Faou said, declining to identify the nation. Belarus hackers target foreign diplomats.

Belarus hackers target foreign diplomats

The hacker gang is able to deceive the target Windows operating system into thinking it is connected to a network with a captive gateway by tampering with network traffic.

The target is then for ward to a fraudulent and harmful website that prerents to be Windows Update and alerts the victim that there are.

Critical system security updates that must be install according to the research.

ESET researchers believe it’s because Belarusian ISPs are aiding the assaults even though it’s unclear how MoustachedBouncer use the adversary-in-the-middle strategy to intercept and modify traffic.

This surveillance system existence has long been known. All telecom companies in Belarus “must make their hardware compatible with the SORM system,” according to a 2016 Amnesty International study.

Researchers from ESET were able to find other attacks after discovering the attack from last February and analyzing the malware used.

Belarus hackers target foreign diplomats

And if they were able to compromise their high profile, it indicates that they were highly effective.

No one has really discussed targets like diplomats, and there aren’t many malware samples accessible for examination, he said. It demonstrates how cautious they are when doing the procedures.

Reuters: LAS VEGAS In a report released on Thursday, security researchers at the Slovakian cybersecurity company ESET said that a group.

Hackers used local internet networks to spy on embassy officials of four nations in Belarus for years, including throughout the Ukraine war.

According to researcher Matthieu Faou of ESET, who wrote the study, about 15 devices belonged to diplomats working at the embassies from two.

European countries, one from South Asia, and one from Africa were compromise. According to the study, the digital espionage campaign started about 2021 and is still ongoing.

How many authorities had been a victim of this effort was not immediately apparent. Belarus hackers target foreign diplomats.

However, the study, which uncovers a brand-new, highly skilled hacking group purportedly based in Belarus, highlights how susceptible diplomats might be to cyberespionage.

An inquiry for comment was not immediately answer by the Belarusian embassy in Washington.

In Russia’s conflict with Ukraine, Belarus has been the country’s closest friend. In order to support the war effort, Minsk has assisted Russia in moving soldiers and military hardware via its borders.

According to the study, the hackers interfered with the internet access of their victims “probably” at the level of the internet service provider, making it possible for the victims to unknowingly download harmful software.

These kinds of breaches are challenging for people to avoid. According to Bill Marczak of the University of Toronto-base online monitoring group Citizen Lab.

ESET findings, according to Marczak, who was not involv in the study, show how closely diplomats are watch .

“Embassies and ministries of foreign affairs around the world are a top spyware target,” he claim.

Reporting from Las Vegas by Christopher Bing; additional. Reporting from Washington by Raphael Satter and San Francisco by Zeba Siddiqui editing by Raju Gopalakrishnan)

According to security experts, foreign diplomats station. Belarus have been the target of hackers with ties to the Belarusian government for almost 10 years.

On Thursday, antivirus company ESET publish

A report describing the activities of MoustachedBouncer, a newly discovered government hacking group.

ESET claims that the group has likely been targeting. Diplomats by intercepting their internet service provider (ISP) connections or compromising their computers.

Tech Crunch spoke with ESET researcher Matthieu. Faou in advance of his session at the Black Hat cybersecurity conference in Las Vegas.

The operators were train to find some confidential documents. But were not sure exactly what they were looking for.

They only target foreign diplomats inside of Belarus. Therefore Mustac Bouncer has never launch an attack outside of Belarus.

Researchersn allegations that Belarusian hackers work with regional. ISPs to target foreign embassies reveal a complex web of online incursions with potentially far-reaching effects.

This purporte alliance represents the growth of cyber threats. When state sponsorn entities conduct espionage operations using both technical know how and regional infrastructure.

The complexity of such operations highlights the need for stronger. Cybersecurity controls and global collaboration to protect sensitive data and diplomatic relations.

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