Susanna Reid Shows Off Her Dramatic Hair Transformation Ahead Of Return To Good Morning Britain

Susanna Reid Shows Off Her Dramatic Hair Transformation Ahead Of Return To Good Morning Britain

The 52-year-old performer, who is taking a summer sabbatical from Susanna Reid Shows the progrme, will return to our screens on Monday with a completely new appearance.

On Sunday, she revealed the findings of her new appearance on X (formerly known.

Susanna now has a short bob with blonde highlights in place of her previously shiny, black hair, and she looks wonderful.

She wrote in the post’s caption, “NEW TERM – NEW TRIM! Tomorrow will be back. I want to meet you at 6 o’clock.

Wow, who is this now? Prior to her return to Good Morning Britain, Susanna Reid debuted her stunning hair transformation on Twitter on Sunday night.

As she stood: Susanna’s hair used to be longer Susanna Reid Shows and wasn’t highlighted.

Before the summer break, Susanna will get a few weeks off from Good Morning Britain.

She remembered her close friend Suki Thompson, who went away just eleven days after she appeared on GMB, last month.

Susanna had interviewed Suki from her hospital bed on GMB about her four cancer diagnoses over the course of 15 years and the significance of applying SPF to your skin when outside.

Susanna has now paid homage to her ‘wonderful’ friend in an emotional video shared on Instagram. The campaigner tragically passed away on July 30 after raising more than £200,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support following her illness.

She uploaded a picture of the funeral’s order of service and captioned it, saying that her friend was the “embodiment of strength.

Susanna Reid Shows

“Our lovely friend Suki Thompson,” she wrote. the personification of courage and hope. a desire to fully experience life. Good luck, honey.

Suki, an entrepreneur who owned many firms, had appeared on GMB just days prior to her passing while being interviewed by her close friend Susanna from her hospital bed.

Suki, who had received four cancer diagnoses in the previous 15 years, predicted on the show that she might only have a few days to live before passing away on July 30.

Suki talked to Susanna and co-host Martin Lewis from her bed in a Cornish hospice about how she would spend her last days.

Susanna paid emotional homage to her ‘beautiful friend’ Suki Thompson last month; Thompson lost unexpectedly tragically just days after presenting on Good Morning Britain.

When Susanna and her companion talked about how much their friendship meant to them, she became extremely emotional, and the broadcaster called her boyfriend “an inspiration.”

It was a delight to get to know you and be friends with you, Even if you disagree, we should always see the best in others. Susanna told Suki.

Then, after complimenting her on being a “wonderful person,” she said, “What you do is really remarkable. Love to you and your family very much. simply keep moving forward. Individual sunshine

Susanna’s good sentiments were returned to her by Suki, who said, “I’m so inspired by having a friend like you, Susanna.”

Susanna was moved by Suki’s poignant remarks and swiftly added, “You are the inspiration.” while fighting back tears.

Suki released a poignant video of Susanna and herself holding hands on a beach. Susanna Reid Shows in June, expressing how much the celebrity meant to her.

Co-founding and serving as CEO of the intermediate marketing consultancy Oystercatchers from 2007 to 2018 was Suki.

Suki was given wart cream

to treat what she initially believed to be a wart on her foot before it was revealed to be something more serious. Later, the cancer metastasized to her brain and turned fatal.

Suki expressed how much Susanna meant to her in June by posting an emotional video of the two of them holding hands on a beach.

“Friends are so important to our wellbeing, and susannareid100 is one of the best,” she said in the caption of the photo.

Susanna motivates me to constantly ask the difficult questions in life, even when it’s not the most straightforward course of action.

In addition to serving as chair of the Marketing Society, Suki was a co-founder and CEO of the intermediary marketing consultant Oystercatchers in 2007.

She was also a cherished member of the MGGB Marketing Group of Great Britain. Women in Advertising, Communications and Leadership.

She has earned more than £200,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support since receiving her own cancer diagnosis.

Suki was my former business partner and friend, Richard Robinson. Director of Engage and Oystercatchers, told us in The Drum.

I’ve known this day would arrive ever since I started working as an oystercatcher, but I never thought it would.

Suki was exceptional, the best among us, and she leaves a lasting impression on the marketing and communications. Sector by the connections she made and the humanity she show.

Susanna Reid Shows

She had a lovely soul, and I will miss her very much.

She said, ‘My sympathies. “As I said, we’re incredibly fortunate. Susanna Reid Shows Just spent a few hours catching up.

She immediately changed the subject on the show, remarking how interesting it was to be back. At the beginning of September, give that he was formerly the education minister. She said, ‘My sympathies.

“As I said, we’re incredibly fortunate. Just spent a few hours catching up.

She immediately changed the subject on the show, remarking how interesting. It was to be back with at the beginning of September, given that he was formerly the education minister.

In advance of her return to Good Morning Britain, Susanna Reid debuted her striking new hairstyle on social media.

On Monday, September 4 at 6 a.m., the ITV GMB star will return to anchor the progrme alongside Ed Balls.

Hello, Susanna What’s up?! Seeing you back on I’ve really miss you, but I hope your vacation was fantastic. Davey respon on social media. I love your new hair style all trim it really suits you and I love you a lot.

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