Luis Rubiales: Spanish football federation will take legal action over Jennifer Hermoso ‘lies’

Luis Rubiales Spanish football federation will take legal action over Jennifer Hermoso 'lies'

In response to Jenni Hermoso’s remarks about its president Spanish football federation will take Luis Rubiales, the Spanish Football Federation has declared that it will file a lawsuit.

After kissing Hermoso on the lips during Spain’s victory over England in the Women’s World Cup final in Sydney, Rubiales has resisted calls for his resignation.

Hermoso said on Friday that she was not given permission, but the federation has disputed her account of what happened.

“The evidence is conclusive,” it declared. “Mr. President has not lied.”

She is described as claiming “in no case did I seek to raise (lift) the president” when they hugged on the podium in a statement from the players’ union Futpro, which is defending 33-year-old Hermoso.

“The RFEF and Mr. President will demonstrate each of the lies that are spread, either by someone speaking on behalf of the player or, if applicable, by the player herself,” the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) declared.

Given the gravity of the information in the press release from the Futpro union, “The RFEF and the President will initiate the relevant legal actions.”

After 81 female players declared they would not play for Spain unless Rubiales was fired, the federation added that players who are chosen have “an obligation” to represent their country.

Borja Iglesias, a striker for Real Betis, has also declared he won’t participate in another national team match while Rubiales is in charge.

Spanish football federation will take

As evidence that Hermoso used force to lift Rubiales’ feet off the ground, the RFEF asserted in its statement that it had presented four photos of Hermoso’s hug with Rubiales, each with an interpretation.

The federation claims that attempts to get in touch with Hermoso, who leads Spain in goals scored by women with 51 from 101 games, have “always been unsuccessful.”

Government ministers have called for Rubiales’ resignation in response to criticism of his actions at the Women’s World Cup final from around the world.

The 46-year-old was in the VIP section of Sydney’s Stadium Australia when Spain defeated England 1-0.

At the final siren, the man clutched his crotch in celebration as Queen Letizia of Spain and her daughter, age 16, watched on.

Then, during the presentation ceremony, Hermoso and I had a kiss. Hermoso plays club football for Pachuca in Mexico. Spanish football federation will take.

When Rubiales’ activities were first by her on Instagram, she claimed she “didn’t like” them; yet, a later statement issued on her behalf defended him.

Pedro Sanchez, the Spanish prime minister, said Rubiales’ apology for the kiss on Monday was “not enough,” and second deputy prime minister Yolanda Diaz joined the chorus of people clamoring for his resignation.

Hermoso stated that Futpro will “defend my interests” on Wednesday, and the union agreed, saying the kiss should not go unpunished.

The RFEF summoned an extraordinary

General assembly on Friday after the world governing body of football, Fifa.

Announut it had begun disciplinary proceedings against Rubiales. Rubiales was expected to resign before the meeting, but he claimed he would not.

He expressed regret for grabbing his crotch but promised to “fight until the end” and said the kiss was “mutual, euphoric, and consensual.”

Later, the Spanish government filed a lawsuit to have Rubiales suspended, and the RFEF’s most recent reaction followed comments made on social media by Hermoso and Futpro.

Widespread criticism has been directed at Rubiales’ uncompromising stance. Spanish football federation will take.

Spain’s premier women’s league, Liga F, head Beatriz Alvarez, said: “His ego is larger than his dignity and honor.

“I anticipate that more people will join in, but given Luis Rubiales’ lack of tenacity, others are starting to speak up,” the author said.

All players donned bracelets with the words “Contigo Jenni” [With you Jenni] during the National Women’s Soccer League match between Orlando Pride and San Diego Wave on Saturday.

Among them was American striker Alex Morgan, who declared on Friday: “I’m disgusted by Luis Rubiales’ public activities. I support the Spanish players and Jenni Hermoso.

“Winning a World Cup should be one of these players’ proudest achievements, but instead it’s overshadowed by assault, misogyny, and the Spanish federation’s mistakes,” the statement reads.

Spanish football federation will take

In response to statements made by player Jenni Hermoso against its president Luis Rubiales, the Spanish Football Association has announced that it will file a lawsuit.

After the World Cup final, Spanish Football President Luis Rubiales gave Spain star Jenni Hermoso a kiss on the lips. In a statement, Hermoso claimed that the kiss was not consentual.

The Spanish Football Association announced it will sue President Rubiales because it had proof he hadn’t lied Key ideas.

After kissing Hermoso on the lips during the celebrations that followed Spain’s 1-0 triumph over England in the FIFA Women’s World Cup final, Rubiales has come under fire from both domestic and international critics.

The Real Federación Espaola de Ftbol (RFEF) stated in a statement released early on Saturday that it would take legal action to defend.

Rubiales and that it would demonstrate that Hermoso or those speaking for her had circulated misinformation about what had occurred.

What the legal action would entail was not specified in the announcement on the RFEF website. Spanish football federation will take.

In an effort to justify his conduct from last Sunday in Sydney, Rubiales declined on Friday to quit as the head of the RFEF.

He described the kiss as “spontaneous, mutual, euphoric, and consensual” in an attempt to defend his behavior.

Hermoso said that she did not consent to the kiss and felt “vulnerable and the victim of an aggression”.

Although it is unable to dismiss Rubiales, the Spanish government has backed her and is working to have him suspended through a legal process before a sports tribunal.

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