Ethan Hawke Took the Greyhound Bus to Premiere of His New Movie

Ethan Hawke Took the Greyhound Bus to Premiere of His New Movie

Anything that would have prevented Ethan Hawke Took from going to the Wildcat premiere.

At the Toronto International Film Festival in Toronto, Canada, on Monday, the Strange Way of Life actor, 52, and actress Maya Hawke, walked the red carpet together.

All Stars are needed! View the Toronto International Film Festival Attendees

When asked if it was true that her father had to board a Greyhound bus in order to make it to the yearly event, the Stranger Things star said, “He did! Everyone is discussing it.

She said as her delighted father grinned next to her, “He had to take the bus here because all the flights got cancelled.

When three planes were cancelled, Ethan says, “I was like, ‘I’m not missing this because of some airport.'”

After that, I proceeded to Port Authority and boarded the bus,” the Emmy Award winner continued.

Ethan assured PEOPLE that he was travelling with his wife and producing partner, reassuring them that they were also with him.

He didn’t appear to think his fame mattered to his fellow travellers, who were probably more focused on getting to their own objectives, when asked if he was recognised by anyone onboard or at the station.

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Ethan added, “Man, nobody cares about anybody else on the bus,” adding that “nobody’s comfortable” using that specific means of transportation.

He emphasised, “Nobody cares at all,” before detailing his travel experiences.

“I just read my book and disappeared in the back and prayed that we made it,” he said. The Before Sunrise alum revealed that they arrived at customs without anyone recognising him soon before daybreak.

The well-known father-daughter team then talked about what it means to them to be able to collaborate on the project.

Ethan Hawke Took

The 25-year-old actress Maya remarked, “The making of the film was unspeakably special and one of the finest experiences of my life.

She also discussed how it felt to hold the Wildcat premiere. Ethan Hawke Took at TIFF despite the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike.

Maya said of the chance to show the movie to fans and her peers, “To get to be at this festival and to have approval from our union during a strike.

To be here and celebrate film and independent film and to get to see this movie in an audience, which is so rare now, is just the ultimate privilege.”

Ethan continued by saying he was “really proud” of everything his daughter had accomplished while still standing next to her. He complimented her in response, and she said she was “really proud of him, too.”

Ethan Hawke’s daughter Maya makes fun of him for being seen in a photo “trying to flirt” with Rihanna.

He spoke briefly once inside the setting before introducing the movie to the crowd.

Amidst laughter from the crowd,

He remarked about Maya’s work in Wildcat, “If you see anything else tonight, what you’re going to see is a young artist just circle around their father and dash out the door, pat him on the a– as she goes by.

“This is one of my favourite performances I’ve ever seen,” the Magnificent Seven actor said, “and I can’t wait for you guys to see it.” he added in reference to his eldest child’s most recent endeavour.

With Maya playing the lead part and Ethan serving as the movie’s director, Wildcat follows the life of American author Flannery O’Connor as she battles to have her first book published.

However, it becomes instantly obvious why Isaac pitched. Ethan Hawke Took Hawke the part at a Brooklyn coffee shop when Arthur squares off against.

Oscar Isaac’s British museum gift shop employee Steven Grant (and his other persona, the ex-mercenary turned vigilante.

So much so that Hawke came up with the concept for the character’s opening scene, in which Arthur breaks his cane against a water glass and inserts the fragments into his sandals.

This “half-monk, half-doctor

Character’s thinking is introduced to viewers in an unpleasant way at the beginning of the series, and he pulls it off admirably.

“There’s no need to panic. Hawke joked in an interview with Variety as part of “Moon.

Knight’s” virtual junket, “I’m not a super-villain, I just play one on TV. “

He and Isaac discussed their transformation techniques as well as Florida’s contentious “Don’t Say Gay” law.

Hawke said that while the chance to appear opposite Isaac initially piqued his interest, it was his discussions with the actor, executive producer and director.

Mohamed Diab (who oversaw episodes and and Marvel Studios. Ethan Hawke Took president Kevin Feige that sealed the deal.

They clearly desired for us to embark on a voyage and produce something, according to Hawke.

Continue reading to learn how and why Hawke managed to enter Arthur’s mind.

In every other film-related experience I’ve had, the producing staff is typically more afraid the more money they have.

They don’t have any ideas; they just want you to execute this generic thing that we paid you to do.

Marvel and actors obviously get along well. I like to compare it to cooking in someone else’s kitchen and using their ingredients.

Ethan Hawke Took

Yet, once you’re in the kitchen and using their supplies. Ethan Hawke Took you may do whatever you want. So it was kind of enjoyable.

I felt inspired. They are incredibly self-assured. Many people who are extremely successful become brittle and conceited.

Then wonderful individuals become self-assured, have faith in other people, and empower others rather than dominating them.

They actually gave the other individuals working on the show—Oscar, Mohamed, me, May—the freedom to try to have fun and to create something we cared about.

Basically, they bet that if we loved it. Ethan Hawke Took other people would too.

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