A cartel’s mistake may explain kidnappings in Mexico


kidnappings in Mexico; Four American people were kidnap last week after entering Mexico -Border, Matamoros. They died two and two survived the harassment.

For some time, the Mexican government has been definitely about the motive of the attack. However, the secretary of the prosecutor of Tamaulipas said. That the theory that this is a matter of wrong was “confirmation”.

Officials would not comment on two specific suggestions – the drug gangs are confuse by American competitors, drug addicts or smugglers. But they said there were many and “varied” research lines and that no one was exclud at this stage.

Matamoros is capture among the Fighting factions of the Persian Bay. Where they fight for control of the SO square -drug smuggling north of the United States.

It seems that the North Carolina group of friends led him directly to the Malstrom with the minibus. Their efforts lasted four days.

kidnappings in Mexico; When US citizens were relocate between security houses to prevent discovery. The US Embassy issued a statement that requires a direct issue. For any Mexican cartel – or even a common crime along the border, which is a problem.

The armed gang immediately understood. That it was turning to the full power of the United States and the Mexican federal police. If the motif had been a ransom, such as in Mexico. They realize that they are now very unlikely to pay.

It is much easier to simply reverse Americans and bow some of the high temperatures that lead to their band.

“I think this is the most reasonable explanation for events,” says Alejandro Hope. “They may have had relationships or relationships with the police on the scene. They only said they would contact their safe house.”
In Mexico, the multiple distracts. Last year, Mexico Reached the terrible figures of the 100,000 people or failed the country. Most people kidnappers are fully impress, especially in the case of disturbing immigrants traveling north to the United States.

By comparison, this question was solve incredibly quickly. Some Mexicans have express the disappointment of social media at the rate to resolve such crimes. When they are involve in foreigners.

“In less than a week. And thousands of Mexicans?” wrote a Twitter user.

“Not bad,” says Hope. “Mexican organizations have a limited capacity. But if in some cases they focus on these abilities, they can solve them.”

“It’s about visibility and political influence,” he says.
Obviously, in this case, Mexican Political will found no solution.

US Ambassador Ken Salazar, André Manuel López Obrador, met Mexican President to discuss the matter, saying that the United States State Ministry had no more priorities than foreign citizens.

The case is complete within 24 hours.

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