International Dog Day: Pampered pooches of Delhi woof over rakhi!

International Dog Day: Pampered pooches of Delhi woof over rakhi!

By ordering personalised rakhis, Delhiites are going all out to make Rakshabandhan extra-special for their furry siblings.
How are you celebrating Rakshabandhan by expressing your love to your dog? Ro’s mother, Shraddha Pawar, a fashion designer with a studio in Shakti Nagar, says,

“Making my two-year-old Shih Tzu feel special is all that counts to me. Like Pawar, a lot of pet owners in NCR are going above and above to buy their canine companions in order to celebrate Rakshabandhan in pawsome style!

This season, popular purchases include rakhi sets that include a bandana and a rakhi with roli and chawal.

Rakhi Kulkarni, a software engineer from Janakpuri, recalls making a large bow-shaped rakhi for her three-year-old golden retriever Ally using glittery and synthetic fabrics and thread.

International Dog Day

She further said, “I always want to make our dog a part of all our festivals. But after realising that the rakhi I had manufactured had caused him a lot of distress.

I began looking for specially designed rakhis. I’m relieved to see that there are lots of possibilities in charity shops made from materials that won’t hurt my dog, even if I leave him alone, such wool knits and cloth bows.

Two weeks before the festival, Pawar said, “I normally used to buy the standard rakhis for my pet, but this year the customised paw-shaped rakhi.

Definitely going to make me and Ro feel good throughout the ceremony.” Kulkarni had ordered a personalised rakhi for Ally.

Rashim Arora from Paws and Pups says, “Earlier if there were 10 or 20 orders per week, this year I’ve received 100 orders every week for customised rakhis ahead of the festival.

“I started my business inspired by my own practise of tying a rakhi on my dog’s hand. Which made me think that probably there’d be many like me who’d want to do so.

Because of this, I launched a little firm in 2020.

But this year I’ve seen a significant increase in demand. Before Rakshabandhan, around 18 NCR-based thrift shops that provide puppy necessities acknowledged that this trend is growing.

As a result, more and more shops are now producing rakhi patterns that incorporate. The pawsome preferences of the canine siblings!

“It’s outdated to request dog treats and daily special dog food. Dog rakhis have just been replenished for the third time this month. Kanishk Batra from Heads Up for Tails in Chhatarpur says,

“We have made dog rakhis especially available at our stores this year. It’s rather heartwarming to see pet parents buy special rakhis for their dogs. It seems like every week, about 100 pieces are flying off the shelves with a snap of the fingers.

International Dog Day

There are many possibilities to commemorate the endearing trend that honours the love between hoomans. Their four-legged offspring, ranging from fashionable designs to comfort-focused creations.

In response to this fashion, Pins & Needles India is excited to provide its eccentric designs made with bow-shaped threads.

This year, they will be selling dog rakhis for the first time on its secondhand store. The store’s Simran Preet Kaur adds,

“The crocheted and brocade fabric rakhi is more prefered by the friends of hoomans as it keeps the fur baby comfy. Whether it’s the shape of paws, ribbons, or the customised face of the dog in a miniature version.

My particular favourite has been a magenta brocade rakhi. We recently produced for someone with a knitted image of the parent and their dog. It’s really delightful to watch such pawsome affection!”

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