In Photos: How Osu Celebrated ‘Dade Tutswaa’

In Photos How Osu celebrated ‘Dade Tutswaa’

On Saturday, August 5, the town of Osu comes alive with the sights and sounds of a special festival. This festival, known as Dade Tutswaa, lasts for two days of entertainment.

This is a meaningful event that takes place shortly before the famous Homowo festival in Osu. The Dade Tutswaa festival is a way for the Osu people to come together, show respect, and honor their ancestors.

It is a special time that brings the community together and sets the stage for the larger Homowo event.

Dade Y3l3yeli Shifoo and Asafo Tutswaa, popularly known as Dade Tutswaa, stand as a fascinating annual event that falls in the heart of Osu, one of the seven most important places of Ga-Dangme culture and Ghana.

This fascinating festival pays homage to the martial prowess of the Osu people and their ancestor god, Dade, who is revered for his historic role in ancient wars.

In Photos: How Osu Celebrated ‘Dade Tutswaa’

In fact, the Dade Tutswaa Festival acts as a unifying force, uniting the four regions of Osu: Kinkanwe, Ashinte, Alata, and Anorhor Hosted by Kinkanwe Asafo, a large series of events pass through each town, ending in Kinkanwe. This beautiful tour flies through the heart of Osu, paying homage to traditional houses and important historical places.

As the procession passed through the town, the Kinkanwe flag was respected: Antoa and Akonfode led the way, and Asafoiats3m3i (captain Asafo), traditional leaders, and community members accompanied him. Travelers enter Osu Castle, which has many cultural relics from before the castle was built. He also visits ancient buildings and traditional village areas. At each division, as the pilgrim approaches, the chief men and women offer refreshments to the pilgrims, gods, and Asafo.

In Photos: How Osu Celebrated ‘Dade Tutswaa’

The centerpiece of the ceremony was a spectacular display of musketry and traditional music, symbols of the Asafo culture of Osu. This common Osu song is a sign that people are being cautious. The traditional colors of this festival are red and white. On Saturday, the main color is red and white, and on Sunday, the color is white and red.

Saturday Celebration

Before the Great Saturday celebrations, the Asafo company sends drinks as festival messengers to the traditional houses of the chiefs. This not only announces the arrival of the festival but also calls on these houses to prepare for the Asafo heroes and the visit of the revered god.

The leaders of the festival, Nii Shippi Nkpa (battle chief), Dzaase Asafoats3 Nii Tempong Sarpei III (commander in chief), next to Asafoats3 Brenya under the banner of Antoa, and Asafoats3 Dzahene under the banner of Akomfode, ensure that the celebration is seamless. celebration.

Setting the foundation

With successful events, anniversaries, and proof of its unity. This festival not only honors the brave heroes of the past but also strengthens the bond that binds the community together. With its vibrant, colorful, and deeply rooted cultural displays, Dade Tutswaa stands as a lasting testament to the resilience and richness of Osu culture and sets the stage for this year’s Homowo, which is planne to happen a few weeks from now.

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