‘Desperate Housewives’ Drama Over the Years: Nicollette Sheridan’s Lawsuit, Alleged Bullying and More

‘Desperate Housewives’ Drama Over the Years Nicollette Sheridan’s Lawsuit, Alleged Bullying and More

Frantic Housewives caught the attention of the general population for eight seasons however, the in the background show has kept individuals talking.

The ABC series debuted in 2004 and was made by Marc Cherry. Featuring Teri Hatcher, Felicity Huffman, Marcia Cross, and Eva Longoria, the show followed a gathering of ladies living on a similar fictitious road named Wisteria Path.

The dull parody likewise had an eminent supporting cast and visitor stars, including Nicollette Sheridan, Vanessa Williams, Jesse Metcalfe, and others.

Desperate Housewives won seven Primetime Emmy Awards and three Golden Globe Awards while it was on the air.

While the actresses portrayed friends on screen, their relationships behind the camera were said to have been strained over time.

Desperate Housewives Drama

More information about the dynamics on set has surfaced even after the show ended in 2012. A timeline of the drama on Desperate Housewives over the years can be found below:

The headline of the cover photo read, “You Won’t Believe What It Took Just To Get This Photo!” as the women posed together in bathing suits by a pool.

According to the report, an ABC representative requested that the magazine staff prevent Hatcher from choosing her outfit first.

However, Hatcher allegedly had first pick of the wardrobe despite receiving the request, which upset the others.

The eventual outcome of the photograph is finished.

Sheridan is in the middle among Hatcher and Cross, with Longoria and Huffman presented underneath them. When the magazine’s foldout was closed, neither Cross nor Huffman were visible.

ABC issued a statement regarding the alleged drama shortly after the publication of the cover and article.

The network stated, “This shoot simply did not go as planned,” despite the fact that “negotiating certain elements of photo shoots is standard practice and was part of our coordination with Vanity Fair.”

Along these lines, our ability to bargain decently well with a circumstance not of their making. These women and their relationship are not defined by a single incident.

Subsequent to being on the show for a considerable length of time.

Sheridan’s personality was killed off and she reported she was leaving the show.

In April 2010, Sheridan sued Cherry and the network for alleged assault and battery, gender violence, and wrongful termination for $20 million.

Sheridan guaranteed she was attacked by Cherry on set when she was struck on the head during a 2008 practice.

Cherry disproved the cases of attack and said that he had tapped Sheridan on the temple to show her how she ought to play out an actual gag in a scene.

Cherry revealed during the testimony in the case that the network approved the plan to write off Sheridan’s character one year before informing her of the decision.

In the end, the court decided in 2012 that Sheridan had not been fired improperly and dismissed the case.

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