Cargo ship capsizes off Japan’s coast with 22 aboard

Cargo ship capsizes off Japan’s; A cargo ship with 22 people on board sank off southwestern Japan’s Nagasaki prefecture early Wednesday. But 13 crew members were rescue after a distress call last night. The coast guard said.

Coast Guard ships and aircraft are currently searching for the remaining nine members of the Hong Kong-registered vessel. Hoping they may be adrift in lifeboats. But efforts are being hampere by high winds and rough seas.

The 6,551-ton Jintian signaled the distress call at around 11:15 p.m. about 110 kilometers west of the Danjo Islands in the East China Sea. A high-pitched warning was give when a distress signal was issue.

The ship and 22 Crew Members – 14 Chinese and eight Myanmar nationals – were on their way to Incheon, South Korea, where they were carrying wood and other goods.

Five of the Chinese crew were rescue by a private vessel sailing nearby and were all well enough to make contact at the time. The ship alerted the Coast Guard that the crew managed to transfer to lifeboats before the ship sank.

Cargo ship capsizes off Japan’s; Eight others were rescue by the Japan Self-Defense Force and the South Korean Coast Guard, which joined the Japan Coast Guard and Japan Self-Defense Force in the rescue operation. The incident took place outside Japan’s territorial waters.

The crew of the Jintian had earlier contacted the Coast Guard by satellite phone, saying their ship had “capsized and (the boat) was being swept away by the flood.”

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