Myanmar’s coup and its ramifications for India

Previously, on March 2, 1962, the Myanmar military overthrew the civilian government in a coup and established a military dictatorship. The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China and Myanmar’s then military establishment had a strong cooperation. In 1962, Mao made the decision to reprimand India. In order to make Rangoon more receptive to Beijing. China wanted the Burmese military to take over from a civilian government. Several people in the Indian government at the time coup in myanmar implications for india. Understood that the PLA would soon be unleash on Indian soil. But Jawaharlal Nehru. The country’s then-prime minister, disregarde their warnings. Sino-Indian violence erupted on October 20 as a result of the refusal to accept the worst-case scenario.

The military takeover in Myanmar on February 1, 2021. Must be understood in light of the PRC military’s ongoing preparations for a massive armed confrontation with India. Along the borders in order to regain control over a sizable. Area in both the western and eastern sectors. China is making great efforts to prevent India from becoming a third superpower. In the world within the next ten years. A military government in Myanmar might be more inclined toward. China because coup in myanmar implications for india of the superpower status it holds. Whereas a civilian government would not be eager to work with the People’s Republic of China (PRC). China wants to make Myanmar a secure area for the operation.

Coup in Myanmar Implications for India

We are everyone aware that the PLA is getting ready for a conflict. There have been several negotiations at the military and diplomatic levels, but none have produced any tangible outcomes. China is preparing for any such confrontation, and so are we. The crucial question is when the balloon would ascend. I have a feeling that after the Russian S-400 missile defense systems are install in various locations. Indo-US relations will become more complicated, and the US’s full support for India may experience a setback. If this happens. India may be force to face the dragon alone in the Himalayan region, as it did in 1962. The South China Sea and the Taiwan Straits serve as the “Red Lines” to ensure that the waters.

China is likely to pump in substantial amount of money to fund the Pakistan military against. India as well as equipping the PLA for the same role. If China commits. A Himalayan blunder against India on the lines of 1962, India should escalate the conflict into the naval sphere besides land and air. If there is a unite response from the Quad members in the Indo-pacific region, the outcome could well be not 1962 but 1971. China should think twice before foraying into this misadventure, which could result in embarrassment.

India previously chose to remain impartial and had not joined other nations. In their protests against the military government in Myanmar. This time, the US and other western nations are expressing worry over Myanmar’s attempt to undermine democracy. It is crucial that India, the largest democracy in the world. Joins others who are denouncing the military’s attempt to seize control of Burma. In the event that democracy is not restore in Burma, the USA has even threaten to apply sanctions. China might make an effort to save the military rule in Burma if sanctions are implement. In actuality, coup in myanmar implications for india this might be a covert agreement between the two. India should therefore support the earliest restoration of a civilian government in Burma. Minister of Prime Narendra.

India already has issues with its neighbors, including Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, China, Pakistan, Nepal, and Pakistan. It does not want to add yet another unstable neighbor to the list. Although while India is attempting to engage with its neighbors through vaccine diplomacy by providing them with free corona vaccines. An unstable Myanmar would tighten the string of pearls that China is covertly laying around India. We can’t afford to ignore this fresh challenge.

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