Mzungu Woman Discloses Learning to Keep Her Shoes Clean from Kenyans: “I Was Very Ashamed”

Woman Discloses Learning to Keep Her Shoes Clean

Mzungu Woman Tells About Learning to Woman Discloses Learning to Keep Her Shoes Clean

“I Am Ashamed” A Brazilian woman living in Nairobi has told how she learned to embrace the practice of cleaning her shoes in Kenya, despite the red soil. inspired by local customs.

To keep his shoes from getting scuffed, I made him do the same practice for himself. Roberta said she was embarrassed that her shoes did not meet local hygiene standards.

Seorang wanita Brasil bernama Roberta, yang telah tinggal di Nairobi selama dua tahun, menjelaskan secara detail apa yang dia pelajari dari orang Kenya.

Roberta dari Brazil telah tinggal di Nairobi selama 2 tahun. Sumber: TikTok Salah satu merek paling populer untuk dibawa ke Roberto adalah minat barunya pada teh. Di negara asalnya Brasil, dia tidak pernah terbiasa dengan ritual minum teh

Roberta learned to wash shoes in Kenya Woman Discloses Learning to Keep Her Shoes Clean

A seemingly simple but important skill Roberta acquired was the skill of keeping her shoes clean. Kenyans, he admits, insist on wearing white shoes despite the red soil in Nairobi.

This tradition encouraged Roberta to maintain that habit, making her wash and care for her shoes regularly, changing her appearance. In a TikTok video, Roberto shares his surprise and appreciation for the dedication of Kenyan shoe polishers. “Many people in Nairobi keep their shoes clean. The ground here is red and most people’s shoes are always clean. I am ashamed to know that I am not Woman Discloses Learning to Keep Her Shoes Clean.

he said.

But now there are I have the habit of washing my shoes and keeping them clean all the time. , which makes them look good,”

A woman who said that a 3-month rent in Nairobi is different from a year in Lagos

A Nigerian woman living in Kenya carefully compares her country with Kenya. In a video shared on her YouTube channel, Jamidesu TV, the Woman Discloses Learning to Keep Her Shoes Clean complains about the high cost of living in Kenya and high rents.

According to him, Nigerians pay rent annually, unlike Kenyans, who pay rent monthly.

“The cost of living and housing is very expensive, here they pay monthly rent, but in Nigeria, we pay yearly rent. Crazy as it sounds, what you need to pay for the annual rent in Nigeria depends on what you have to pay for three months. Here in Kenya,” he said.

Uasin Gishu woman faces leaders During the show,

A young woman caught the attention of many Kenyans for her courage while addressing the leaders. He told them bluntly that they continued to lie, smile, and look innocent, but they knew the whole deal was a sham.

“You are very cruel in truth, you lie, you smile at us, with a soft tongue and a soft face that is not serious, but you lie and lie,” he lamented when the other person was sad. students rejoice

Kenyan woman Uasin Gishu took to Twitter Woman Discloses Learning to Keep Her Shoes Clean

I commend the brave student for speaking the truth to the government and exposing alleged fraud. His impassioned speech, delivered with a mix of frustration and determination, impressed audiences and garnered attention on social media.

Nakuru: Chaos in Marriage Due to Incident: Groom Accuses Ex-Wife

Defying Her to Leave Him Updated Monday, August 7, 2023, at 09:55 by Racheal Nyaguthie Film available A song appears at Nakuru’s wedding when a woman claims to be the first to marry.

Wife Rose Ongachi has accused her husband of neglecting her and their children, leading to fights over money, regardless of how many years they have been married.

Rose Ongachi said she was the man’s first wife, and he approached her about leaving her to raise children from his monogamy. According to the woman, young people cannot continue their studies due to a lack of funds.

In the video posted by Inooro FM, the angry woman said that she helped this man when they were together, so she was confused about leaving him to marry her new lover.

Mombasa wedding turns into chaos

On the other hand, some of the wedding guests in Mombasa cause chaos when they fight over food. In a video that is currently trending on social media, women are seen fighting over food to cause chaos. Before the riots, the wedding had been a splendid one, with many female guests.

The musician explains that keeping a car can be a financial drain and believes that it is best when one is financially stable.

Steve said he used the money to build a house and dig a well for his mother in their village, Oyugis, Homa Bay County.

“I was able to use the money to buy a car, but I realized that repairing a car is expensive because it needs fuel. I used the money to build a house and dig a well for my mother in the village,” Stivo said during an interview

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