Top 5 Benefits of Playing Games

Improved problem-solving skills and logic :

The researchers performed fMRI scans on 27 experts and found that they had more gray matter and “more connectivity between certain regions of the body.” In practice, this means developing cognitive skills, which include developing problem-solving and thinking skills.

Many gamers play games that require a lot of planning, thinking, and imagination to achieve goals in the game, so it makes sense that they have increased development in the area of the brain that deals with problem solving and thinking.

Greater multi-tasking ability :

This is one of the most important aspects of the game because it allows you to work every day better and more efficiently, with many tasks at the same time. Many games force people to work on many tasks – especially playing games.

For example, you have to look at the enemy on the screen, track their health, ammo and other stats, and move your character. You can see yourself speaking on the microphone with your friends and colleagues. With all the fast-paced action and hyperstimulation that daily gaming provides, gamers can improve their performance significantly.

Enhanced prosocial behaviors :

Some games include collaboration and chat with other players through text or voice chat, which can improve your ability to work with others and build relationships. again even when playing.

The social nature of the game also extends beyond prosocial games. For example, a game may be a popular topic of discussion among students at school. School esports groups and clubs have been created, as well as the integration of games and social media such as Twitch and Discord.

While sports are social, it is important to have a balance between personal relationships and worldly friendships.

More physical activity with games that promote physical activity (vr, mobile games) :

Activities that help you stay active can improve your physical health, especially when compared to activities where you sit down all the time. Take VR games for example. Most of these games force you to move or at least stand, which is better for your health than playing sitting. Gamers also find VR gaming more immersive and enjoyable than traditional gaming, so it’s only a matter of time before VR gaming becomes the norm in the next few years or decades.

Increased hand-to-eye coordination :

Another great benefit of the game is increasing hand-eye coordination. A 2014 study from the University of Toronto found that people who played video games regularly had better sensorimotor skills than people who didn’t play video games. These skills are important for learning faster and accepting tasks that require hand-eye coordination, such as riding a bicycle, typing, or other tasks that require hand-eye coordination. coordinate with your eye movements. 18 athletes and 18 non-athletes participated in this study; Both groups have to do a simple task on their screen, which involves behind the green dots with the mouse. At first, there seemed to be no difference between the two groups.

However, as the experiment continued and became more repetitive, the experiments showed that gamers performed faster and more accurately than non-gamers. Play increases the ability to learn sensorimotor patterns and move faster and more efficiently, which can help function in the physical world.

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