Everything You Need to Know About Pewdiepie

Personal Life :

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg (Pewdiepie) known Swedish YouTuber. Kjellberg’s popularity on YouTube and social media in general has made him one of the most popular online personalities and content creators. He was presented in the media as a YouTube image, especially in the form of games.

Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg is a Swedish YouTuber, actor and online personality known for having the most subscribers on a single privately owned and operated YouTube channel. He created his first YouTube channel, Pewdie, in 2006, combining the sound of lasers (“pew”) with “death” (representing death) to come up with the name. After forgetting his channel password for a while, he created his second and current YouTube channel, PewDiePie, in 2010, first for his funny Let’s Plays on popular titles like Minecraft and horror games .

Kjellberg’s content was previously known for being positively received by online audiences, but in the 2010s it became increasingly controversial and attracted more media attention. In 2019, Kjellberg became the most popular YouTube channel following a public contest by Indian record label T-Series. After that, Kjellberg became very online, uploading regularly and taking frequent internet breaks. He eventually retired from YouTube and uploads for fun instead of work. Meanwhile, in his personal life, he moved to Japan with his wife, Italian internet personality Marzia.

Internet Career :

After PewDiePie dropped out of Chalmers University of Technology, his parents refused to give him a scholarship, so he got his first job as a YouTube creator. He worked on the tennis court, worked as a port manager, sold hot dogs, did his own paintings and drawings, and almost had a job at the agency.

In his early years as a YouTube creator, Kjellberg focused on narrative videos, particularly horror and action films. Some of his early films were directed at major video games, including Minecraft and Call of Duty, although he is best known for Let’s Plays of Amnesia: Dark Descent and its effects. In this video, Kjellberg said, “I was very shy at the time,” adding, “It was very strange for me to sit in a room by myself talking into a microphone. It was not heard.” behind him at the time. one really does. that.” Kjellberg’s oldest known work is “Minecraft Multiplayer Fun”. The film premiered on October 2, 2010, mostly written by Kjellberg as a Swedish suggestion, after which he worked on his non-English films. The video has more than 21 million views as of August 2022.

Life before youtube :

Kjellberg originally registered a YouTube account as “Pewdie” in December 2006; he explains that “pew” means the sound of lasers and “die” means death. After initially forgetting his account password, he registered the “PewDiePie” YouTube channel on April 29, 2010. After leaving Chalmers, his parents refused to pay him, so he financed his early films by working in the docks and selling them.

Duplicate the Photoshop image and work on the hot dog. Kjellberg has said that filmmaking potential is more important to him than career fame. Five years later, Kjellberg said: “I know people are interested in other kinds of movies, but there’s no big deal in sports and I don’t know if you can make money. It’s not my job. Now I’ve decided to go to university, it’s what I like to do.”

100 Million Subscribers :

On August 25, 2019, PewDiePie’s channel surpassed 100 million subscribers, becoming the first YouTube channel to reach this milestone. He is the most viewed YouTuber of 2019, with more than 4 billion views on his first channel. Feeling tired and burned out from the attention, he announced a hiatus that lasted from January to February 2020. At that time, he also deleted his Twitter account, explaining that the media focused too much on his words and actions. it spoils your brain.

PewDiePie is a meme factory :

Through both this and his goals, many of his praises and performances have been turned into popular memes by his fans. Several meme accounts exist for content based on PewDiePie, including the Instagram account @pewdiepie.memes1 with over 100,000 followers and the subreddit, PewdiepieSubmissions, with nearly 3.5 million users.

Perhaps the most popular meme on PewDiePie’s channel is “Subscribe to PewDiePie,” a question and challenge posed by the YouTuber during his battle with T-Series for the top spot on YouTube. – signed up. This article has been popping up all over the place for months, with fans trying to convince others to subscribe to the Swede’s channel on YouTube comments, tweets and Reddit. Eventually, PewDiePie asked his fans to stop using the term.

Subscriber competition with T-Series :

On October 5, 2018, Kjellberg uploaded a diss track titled “Tseries Diss Track” to the Indian record label T-Series, stylized in all caps and later renamed “Bitch Lasagna”, in response to their YouTube channel’s predictions superior to his own. subscribers. The video replaced “A Funny Montage” as Kjellberg’s most viewed video. It contains some lines mocking the Indian background of the T-series, which have been described as racist in media publications.

Kjellberg accused T-Series of using subscriber bots, but was unable to prove it, as YouTube claims it has a strict policy against fake engagement. Regarding T-Series overtaking it in terms of subscribers, he stated that he was not worried about T-Series, but was worried about the implications of a corporate channel surpassing it for YouTube as a video sharing platform. Online “PewDiePie Sign Up” campaigns have greatly helped Kjellberg’s subscriber growth; his channel gained 6.62 million subscribers in December 2018 alone, up from 7 million in 2017. On March 12, Kjellberg uploaded an episode of his Pew News show in which he mentioned the 2019 Pulwama terror attack, where 40 Indian paramilitary soldiers were killed by members of a Pakistani jihadist group.

Following the attack, T-Series removed several songs by Pakistani artists from its YouTube channel after being pressured by the MNS political party to isolate Pakistani artists, with which Kjellberg disagreed. Zee News reported that Kjellberg “came under fire for his comments on the heightened tensions between Pakistan and India in the March 12 issue of Pew News.”  Kjellberg issued a clarification on Twitter, expressing that he was not trying to talk about broader India–Pakistan relations, but rather the more specific context of T-Series removing artists’ songs from its YouTube channel.

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