More than 200 cars involved in massive pileup in China’s Zhengzhou


More than 200 cars involved in massive pileup in China’s; One person was kill in a serious accident involving more than 200 vehicles in the central Chinese city of Zhengzhou on Wednesday, state media reported.

According to the state-owned The Global Times, the collapse happened on a bridge shrouded in thick morning fog, causing several vehicles to collide.

Pictures from the scene show a long, multi-span bridge spanning fields and the Yellow River filled with vehicles crashing into each other. Cars, trucks, lorries and other vehicles can be seen in the heap.

The fog is still thick on videos take from the ground. One image shows a truck sliding forward and crashing into several smaller cars, with sirens blaring in the distance.

According to The Global Times, many drivers and passengers were trapp in their cars. Ambulances and firefighters, including traffic and health authorities, were send to the scene.

One witness told The Global Times that the pile stretched for several kilometers and the moisture on the bridge made the road particularly slippery.

More than 200 cars involved in massive pileup in China’s; Visibility in some areas was only 200 meters (about 656 feet) in the morning, Reuters reported, citing the local meteorological office. Hours after the accident, police warned cars not to cross the bridge because of the fog.

“In winter, the temperature is low and there is often a lot of fog,” The Traffic Police Posted on Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter. He reminded drivers to slow down as soon as possible, use their lights and leave dangerous areas.

The flyover connects Zhengzhou with the city of Xinjiang. The police closed the bridge for the duration of the rescue, traffic was restore in the afternoon.

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