China accuses ‘some Western media’ of COVID-19 coverage bias


China on Thursday accused “some Western media” of bias, slander and political manipulation in its coverage of the sudden lifting of its strict “zero-COVID”. strongly defending measures taken to prepare for the policy change.

A move in December to end mass testing and quarantine led to a sharp rise in cases. Some hospitals and crematoriums were overflowing with victims.

An editorial in the Communist Party’s People’s Daily described China’s “optimization. Control measures” and described the unnamed media reports as “completely biased propaganda, indecency and ulterior motives.”

Although officials have Expressed Concern about the virus spreading to the countryside during the current Lunar New Year holiday.

Zero-COVID,” as the policy became known, sought to track and isolate each individual case. Along with those who came into contact with them and even third parties. It trapped millions of people in their homes in cities like Shanghai for two months or more. Leaving many suffering from food shortages and lack of access to health care.

COVID-19 Coverage Bias; Women wearing face masks visit a park decorated with Lunar New Year decorations in Beijing, Thursday, Jan. 19, 2023. China on Thursday accused “some Western media” of bias, slander and political manipulation in its coverage of China’s sudden end. strict “Zero-COVID” Policy, as he strongly defended the measures taken to prepare for the policy change. (AP Photo/Andy Wong)

China has fiercely defend the policy. But has begun to dismantle it under economic pressure after rare street protests erupted in Beijing. Other major cities, condemned by the ruling party and its leader, Xi Jinping. On January 8, he took another step in order to abolish the lengthy. Expensive quarantine of those arriving from abroad.

China has Rejected Foreign and domestic criticism of the policy’s excesses. Condemned earlier calls by the World Health Organization to adapt to changes in the nature of the virus, calling them “responsible”.

That made the sudden shift in mid-winter toward a policy aimed at preventing. The most serious cases even more upsetting to resident. Many of whom defied censors to express their anger online. Almost overnight, the examination centers where people stood in long lines disappeared. While in the field hospitals where millions were previously quarantined, they were simply packed away.

COVID-19 Coverage Bias China has also stopped publishing data on new cases and deaths, long suspected of being underreported. Prompting further complaints from the WHO and foreign countries about the lack of transparency. According to unconfirmed estimates. The number of new cases can be as high as 10,000 per day, with up to 85% of the population of some Provinces Infected.

China has also rejected calls to release more data and provide more information about the origins of the virus. Which was first discovered in late 2019 in the central Chinese city of Wuhan. Accusing the requests of “politicizing” the issue.

The government has also criticized countries that require tourists from China to test negative for the virus, calling the requirement “discriminatory,” even though it requires the same of everyone who comes to China.

COVID-19 Coverage Bias; This defensive attitude was reflected in an editorial in the People’s Daily, which said: “Thanks to meticulous medical preparation, Adequate production capacity, and strong planning and equipment, China has successfully passed the transition period after the epidemic’s ‘transition’ and ‘shift’.” prevention policy.”

“Given China’s prevention and control record, any political manipulation is pale and powerless,” he added, citing support from academics in Nigeria, Kenya and Russia, all of whom are close Chinese diplomatic partners.

“All parties should focus on fighting the epidemic itself, avoid words or actions that politicize the epidemic, strengthen solidarity and cooperation, and work together to fight the epidemic,” the editorial said.

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