‘I will use my platform …’: Trolls descend after influencer slams Perth burger joint

influencer slams Perth burger joint

Hell has no fury like the power to be despised to influencer slams Perth burger joint

A popular Perth burger joint that flipped patties to the likes of rapper Jack Harlow, Coolio, and UB40, is hitting an army of trolls after a post insulting Australia’s number-one eating competitor.

James Webb, who travels the world documenting food challenges on his social media, took off from Perth’s Compton Burgers in four and a half minutes on Wednesday.

Webb set the scene by saying that Compton Burgers was eager to work with him while he was in Perth for a donut competition, although he declined because his trip to WA was “out “.

Webb stumbled upon the burger joint by chance while looking for a morning pick-me-up of a large almond latte before heading to his donut competition.

“This man obviously recognized me and told me, ‘You forgot, that’s your loss, it will make you viral, it will make you famous, we got the best food in the country,” Webb told his millions of followers. as he describes an interaction that soon turns into a shouting match.

A 34-year-old from Baulkham Hills in the west of Sydney is ranked 5th in the Major League Eating Rankings, which ranks the top 50 eaters in professional eating.

Perth burger joint

In between competitions, he runs a very popular social media account, ‘J Webby Has Eaten’.

Sometimes it’s sickening to see foodies compete against each other, like destroying ten stacks of waffles or 10 pounds of poutine in less than ten minutes, almost every day.

According to Webb, when he got his coffee from Compton Burgers, the lid was bad, and after drinking, he put it down.

After finishing the drink, Webb said the coffee was a milky cappuccino, so he put it back and got ready to go.

It was then, he said, that the interaction took a turn for the worse.

The footage captured the moment Webb was locked in a war of words with store owner Michael Theo.

Michael’s father, John, a hospitality industry veteran, reportedly tried to keep his son together with Webb.

Perth burger joint

“You’re not being abused… Bullcrap,” Michael said.

The couple kept yelling at each other.

From inside the burger joint, Michael, “the tough guy”, occasionally shouted, “Why are you like that?” and “I’m sick of these people”.

Webb finished his video, saying, “I don’t know what your breakdown is, but come on man, that’s not cool.”

In a statement about the event, Webb added: “As I said, I’m lucky to have a platform to showcase great business and great food.”

“Even occasionally, I use my platform to give recommendations on places not to visit,” he added.

John and Michael told news.com.au that the video posted by Mr. Webb was misleading and misrepresented what happened.

James Webb, ranked 5th worldwide in Major League Baseball rankings, has a big media following.

The couple said Webb entered the store rudely, and aggressively and was looking to “prove a point”.

“Yes, I’ve lost that partner, it’s not good. I’m happy for the man, just trying to be a friend,” said Michael.

The interaction took place for John, who is approaching 70 and is working hard in the world of social media.

“I’m old, and I don’t see the truth. I have been in the (hospital) business all my life, and I can see that he came with bad intentions – he came with a video in his hand,” he tell.

Compton Burgers has been a proud cultural presence in Perth for many years, with the store being one of the must-visit burger brands for the WA capital.

Its American-inspired smashed patties, bursting cheese, and crispy fried chicken burgers are reportedly a favorite of the late American rapper. a Coolio, who seems to have passed the word in celebrity circles.

Since then, rap superstar Jack Harlow, hardcore US hip hop group Onyx, and UB40’s Tony Mullings have visited the store.

Intentional or not, it’s clear that the influencer slams Perth burger joint on social media has been bombarded with trolls and negative comments.influencer slams Perth burger joint.

Perth burger joint

Bad reviews, many believed to be posted by people who have never eaten there, have flooded Compton Burgers’ menu in the past 24 hours.

One of the Google reviews read: “Haven’t eaten here, but guys, you have a problem, a group of people have registered for Jwebby (James Webb), and you have to do it for your mistake, or your business will suffer.”

“Removing the culture will shut you down, there will be no problem, your business customers will look at all the Google reviews, so before it becomes a real problem,” he continued.

Others looked to fight back at the trolls with five-star reviews, with one reading: “It’s a shame to see reviews being shut down because of distractions – I’ve been on here first, and the food is great, and the staff is awesome.”

Michael said that some of the reviews and comments were hurtful and damaging.

“Call me a native, am I a native? Out of his friend – that’s my end,” he said.

“How far is this? We have a 4.9-star rating (on Google), and now they are showing us bad reviews. “

In July, speaking mainly about the legality of commercial media and content production. Queensland-based lawyer Ben Twomey told he had seen a lot of the work comes from marketing against online reviews. Including “disastrous” content posted by social media influencers.

The worst thing is that the influencer actually praises the people who leave bad reviews. Not a fan of how the party is reacting to this situation. But taking out a family business with your huge. Following who have never been to Cinfluencer slams Perth burger joint or even live in Perth is that can be low. He could have barely moved but he decided to tick about it for all the world to see.

I went to Compton Burger and the burgers were great! The size of the portions is also generous.

On the bright side, the place seems to have gotten its name there through bad publicity. I hope they get a good deal out of this. In fact, I will visit soon!

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