How much money has the US given to Ukraine?


How much money has the US given to Ukraine; US President Joe Biden announced nearly half a billion dollars in additional. US military aid to Ukraine during his surprise visit to Kyiv this week.

This is on top of the billions the US has already spent on Ukraine’s conflict with Russia. Congress has allocated more than $112bn (£92.47bn) in 2022 alone.

In terms of spending, the United States is the largest contributor to Ukraine.

But a year after the Russian invasion, some Americans are wondering. Where the money is going and whether the aid is worth it.

How much did the United States give to Ukraine?

Before Mr. Biden made his pledge in Ukraine this week. The United States offered nearly $80 billion in aid to Ukraine. That’s according to the Kiel Institute for World Economics, which tracks international aid spending to Ukraine.

About $46.6 billion of the U.S. commitment is military aid, far more than any other country. The United Kingdom is in second place with $5.1 billion in military aid, followed by the EU with $3.3 billion.

Where does the money go?

How much money has the US given to Ukraine; Military aid is used to pay for drones, tanks, missiles and other military systems. As well as training, logistics and intelligence support. Humanitarian and financial aid is extra.

Humanitarian assistance includes food aid, safe drinking water, medical care and other necessities for Ukrainians displaced by the conflict. Financial support is economical. Ukraine’s government is supported by the salaries of civil servants, health workers and teachers.

Military aid accounts for more than half of US spending on Ukraine. With $3.96 billion in humanitarian aid and $26.73 billion in financial aid.

What are other nations spending on Ukraine?

The United States is not the biggest spender when liabilities are measured as a percentage of gross domestic product (GDP).

According to the Kiel Institute, Estonia promises 1.1% of GDP. The United States, on the other hand, promises only 0.4% of its GDP.

Although the United States leads global efforts to provide dollar-for-dollar aid to Ukraine. It ranks fifth as a donor by this measure.

How much money is that?

Money continues to flow into the conflict from around the world, led by the United States. Despite this, the price tag is still much lower than in previous conflicts. according to the Kiel Institute, a German think tank.

“The United States, for example, spent more than three times as much per year as it did in the war in Afghanistan after 2001,” says Kiel.

“Germany committed more than three times as much to its allies in the 1990/91 Gulf War as it did to Ukraine“.

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