Hollard Life Named Best Growing Life Insurance Company of the Year at the Prestigious Ghana Insurance Awards

Hollard Life Named Best Growing Life Insurance Company

An insurance group, Hollard Life Named Best Growing Life Insurance Company Ghana, with subsidiaries Hollard Insurance and Hollard Life Assurance, is the focus of the 2021 Ghana Insurance Awards, held at the prestigious Kempinski Gold Coast Hotel.

The annual event organized by Xodos Communications Limited seeks to reward high-end, professional, and innovative services across the Ghanaian insurance industry, and promote the growth of the industry.

Discovered Style of the Year, is a similar and arguably the country’s favorite insurance provider, known for its style.

Hollard Ghana is also known for making it easy to access the delivery model, and its new products, multi-channel visibility, and financial communication can be affected.

On being named Insurance Brand of the Year, Hollard Ghana Director of Marketing and Business, Cynthia Ofori-Dwumfuo, said:

“We are very grateful to be recognized in the country as the Insurance Company of the Year. Our goal is to have more people build and protect a better future, and that is what we do at Hollard. Brand, we are happy to support insurance knowledge through collaboration and innovation. For us, it’s not just business. We put our customers first by “providing products that meet Ghana’s insurance needs. Hollard, whether you support the Hollard Team happily or make our partners and customers happy by delivering as needed, our standards are simple, genuine, and caring.

Hollard Life Named Best Growing Life Insurance Company

Cynthia expressed her gratitude to everyone who helped support this ongoing group and promised to continue working.

“Thank you to our customers, partners, and Hollardites for driving us forward as Ghana’s favorite insurance brand. Many thanks to Xodus Communications Limited and the board of directors for this recognition,” added Cynthia.

Hollard Ghana also won two awards:

The fastest growing life insurance company this year – Hollard Life Assurance
Business Line Insurer twice a year: Hollard Insurance

Hollard Ghana, the country’s leading insurance group, includes Hollard Insurance Ghana, Hollard Life Assurance, and Hollard Ghana Holdings. The group combines its deep local knowledge of the Ghanaian market with world-class expertise and international coverage.

Headquartered in South Africa but with a firm foothold in Ghana, Hollard offers innovative insurance solutions tailored to the unique risks faced by Ghanaians. The group offers a variety of life and insurance products, including funeral, personal injury, motor, business, home, and more. With the ability to pay the best supported by the service and unparalleled power and efficiency, the goal is in different areas of business and others who work in business.

Hollard Ghana Holdings Hollard Life Named Best Growing Life Insurance Company

Is a subsidiary of Hollard International, which oversees the global collection of the Hollard Group, currently operating in 18 countries in Africa and Asia. Its subsidiary, Hollard Insurance Ghana, with a strong workforce of 92, formerly known as Metropolitan Insurance Company (MET), has been successful in Ghana for 25 years until it was rebranded as Hollard Insurance Ghana in 2015, following the establishment of a second company. Hollard Life Assurance Ghana in 2018. Being committed to innovation and the best service, Hollard remains one of the top five insurance companies in Ghana.

Today, the group is found all over the country with offices in Tema, Kumasi, Takoradi, Tamale, and Sunyani. In addition, Hollard has a large company called Hollard2Us with H2Us located throughout the country. The business remains a favorite among businessmen and was recently awarded the Best Business in Promotion by the Insurance Brokers Association of Ghana.

Hollard Life Named Best Growing Life Insurance Company

Hollard Life Assurance, a subsidiary of Hollard Ghana was name the largest insurance company of the year at the Ghana Insurance Awards hold recently at the Kempinski Gold Coast Hotel.

This annual event organized by Xodos Communications Limited seeks to honor the best achievements, professionalism, and innovation across the Ghanaian insurance industry and promote the growth of the industry.

In just three years, the nation’s favorite life insurance company, Hollard Life Assurance has been recognize as the Best Life Insurance Company of the Year for excellence and quality.

Speaking about their outstanding performance, the Managing Director of Hollard Life Assurance, Nashiru Iddrisu said he was satisfing with the recognition given to his company.

“Our efforts and efforts to help many people secure their future have been recognize. Hollard Life Assurance, even the youngest of the subsidiaries of Hollard Ghana, has seen it grow stronger and grow within three years ago.

“We have launched a number of new products in a bid to make a big impact in the Ghanaian insurance industry. For example, our life insurance USSD product, MeBanbo is revolutionary for the safety of Ghanaians.”

He is dedicating to winning for Hollardites, customers, and partners.

“We promise our customers, partners, and Hollardites, not to rest on our laurels after this award. We will continue to provide innovative and effective insurance policies and deliver to customers not equal,” Nashiru added.

A non-profit insurance group, Hollard Ghana, with its unique mission of empowering more people to create and build a better future has been recognize as the Brand of the Year during its Hollard Insurance conference, for the second time in a row, decided. “Trade Marks of Business. Years”.

Hollard Insurance, a subsidiary of the insurance group, Hollard Ghana has recently won several awards at the Ghana Insurance Awards 2020. The event, which took place at the plush Kempinski Gold Coast Hotel aims to honor insurance companies and individuals for their significant contributions and innovations in the insurance industry.
The company won the ‘Industry of the Year award for its ability to provide its customers with a wide range of services. Including the delivery of new products and business-to-business and group business solutions.
For its impressive business growth every year, Hollard Insurance has taken the category of ‘Best Non-Insurance Company of the Year’.

Hollard Ghana’s flagship product

‘Hollard ChatInsure’ and its Chatbot, Araba Hollard, the first insurer in the country to offer end-to-end. Insurance services have received the ‘Industry Award of the Year’.

On why these awards are so meaningful, the Board of Directors of Hollard Ghana. Patience Akyianu, who was recognize at the event, as the best woman of the year. Said that these awards and -give credibility to the company’s work demonstrate excellence in a clear manner. From one in Ghana. “We are honouring by these winners and believe that they are proof of our work to empower. More people to build and build a better future through affordable insurance and trust, said Mrs. Akyianu.”
Contributing to the company’s employees, who are popularly know as Hollardites. Their customers and partners for their success, Hollard Insurance CEO Daniel Boi Addo said. “We Don’t give up on our efforts to increase insurance investment and we are happy to receive this award. The first product in our new build”.
The insurance group, Hollard Ghana, together with the Hollard Insurance and Hollard Life Assurance groups. Combines its deep knowledge of business with international expertise in international insurance. With a firm foothold on Ghanaian soil but a base in South Africa. Hollard offers innovative insurance tailored to the unique risks faced by Ghanaians. Hollard is the first metropolitan insurance that has been operating in Ghana for over 25 years.


Hollard offers a variety of life and general insurance products, including funeral, personal accident, motor, commercial, home, and more. Apart from various companies in the country and Hollard 2U branded stores, Ghanaians can find Hollard and Shell Fuel Stations. Well, and some Melcom stores for all their insurance needs.

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